[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 8 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Episode 7 ended when Mong Hyun went to visit Hyun Tae’s family. Mong Hee continues her acting as Yoona, and successfully fools Mong Hyun into thinking that Mong Hee and ‘Yoona’ isn’t the same person. After dinner, “Yoona” keeps prasing Mong Hyun, and her family. When “Yoona” and Hyun Soo prepare to leave, she see Hyun Tae raising his voice at Mong Hyun, seeing that scene; “Yoona” scolds Hyun Tae. All her actions that night make people wonder why Yoona is all of a sudden praising and defending other people.

Before leaving, Hyun Soo scolds Mong Hee for her actions, telling her that she should be more aware of the fact that his wife will never compliment anyone.

A few days later, at Hyun Soo’s apartment, Mong Hee continues her training as “Yoona” and Hyun Soo continues to criticize Mong Hee’s etiquette and walking.

Hyun Tae together with his bride-to-be visit his birth mother.  Young Ae, Hyun Tae’s mother, tells Mong Hyun that she is starting to like her because Mong Hyun considers her the real mother-in-law and not Deok Hee. Young Ae also tells Mong Hyun that after marring Hyun Tae, she will have a hard time living with Hyun Tae’s step mother.

Mong Hee’s training as Yoona continues – after she succeeds walking like Yoona, Hyun Soo treats Mong Hee with a beer. While drinking their beer, Hyun Tae tells Mong Hee that he never felt comfortable with Yoona as it is with her, because he always feared of how Yoona will attack him next.

Hyun Soo:  I started to get nervous about how she’ll attack me next (…) but it’s really strange. I talk so openly when I’m with you. I usually don’t talk very much.

Hyun Tae invites Mong Hyun to a restaurant to thank her for acting nice towards his mother. Mong Hyun says that she wants to be liked by his mother, but Hyun Tae starts insulting Mong Hyun saying that every elderly will like her since old people like her type, and that he can’t stand her. Hyun Tae asks Mong Hyun if his father wasn’t rich, would she still be marring him.

The question seems to disturb Mong Hyun and answers that nothing bad will come if she listens to her parents and even if his father wasn’t rich, she would still be marrying him if her parents told her so. Annoyed, Hyun Tae reminds Mong Hyun that she has all the ‘qualities’ that he hates in a woman.

Hyun Soo still scolds Mong Hee for her eating etiquette, and they end up having a playful fight with….water.

Since Mong Hyun is Mong Hee’s sister, Mong Hee and Hyun Soo decide that Mong Hee should go as herself at the wedding of her younger sister and not as Yoona.

At the wedding Mong Hee sees, Sung Eun(Hyun Joon’s wife) – the two of them apparently know each other from their university days, but Mong Hee doesn’t go to Sung Eun – continues hiding so people from Hyun Soo’s family won’t notice her.


At the time for the family photo, Mong Hyun tells Hyun Tae’s mother that she also should be part of the photo

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