[Kdrama] ‘I Summon You, Gold!’ episode 7 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

From this episode onwards I started to make a bond with the drama and its characters…somehow. To be honest, now the show is starting to get really good, ‘suppose is because now we have more information and background information about the characters.

Mong Hee goes to Hyun Soo’s apartment with the pretext of taking back her clothes she left the night before – since she had to change into Yoona’s clothes – after talking Mong Hee and Hyun Soo decide to continue their ‘contract’ regarding Mong Hee acting as Yoona in front of his family. Mong Hee also tells Hyun Soo that she will come at his apartment daily so she can practice and learn more about Yoona.

During dinner, Hyun Jun’s mother tells everyone that Hyun Jun and his wife will leave the company to travel around the world, but of course it was just another plan of Hyun Jun’s mother to make Hyun Tae feel inferior because she was sure that the boys’ father won’t let Hyun Jun leave the company to travel, since he needed him there as well for his wife. Hyun Jun’s mother continues saying that she can’t watch her son sacrificing himself for the family and the company. The evil mother, then, starts talking about how Hyun Tae tore a check from Hyun Jun – the father tells Hyun Tae to apologize to Hyun Jun.

Because the father also pays for Hyun Tae’s mother monthly expenses, Hyun Jun’s mother tells the father that if he won’t marry her legally, asks him to at least let her give Hyun Tae’s mother monthly pay – this way to let people/employees know the ‘standing’ of each mother in the house.

When Hyun Tae tells his mother that from now she will have to take her allowance from Hyun Jun’s mother, Hyun Tae’s mother gets angry and runs to the main house to make a fuss. There Hyun Jun’s mother tells Hyun Tae’s mother that since the ‘economy isn’t too good lately, they have to cut some expenses”.

At Hyun Soo’s apartment, Mong Hee starts her training as Yoona. During lunch, Mong Hee tells Hyun Soo that he sometimes makes mean comments and that when it’s a fight, both parties are at fault, so that maybe it’s not entirely Yoona’s fault for how their marriage was.

A few days later, Hyun Tae and Mong Hyun have another date, but Hyun Tae is again late and again comes with another girl. During their supposed date, since the next day Hyun Tae was supposed to go to Mong Hyun’s home the meet her family, Mong Hyun tells Hyun Tae that she doesn’t care how he treats her when they are together but asks him to pretend as if he likes her in front of her family.  Hyun Tae tells her that it depends of her about how he will act the next day.

Mong Hyun: Do you hate me that much?

Hyun Tae: What’s to like or not? I don’t even really know you.

Mong Hyun: But you don’t want to know me.

Hyun Tae says the reason she wants to marry him is for his father’s money since even after he ‚confessed’ that he had a girlfriend, she still wants to marry him.

Hyun Tae: A female I hate the most is someone who acts coy on the outside but is all evil inside.

Mong Hyun: If you don’t want to marry me it’s not too late.

Hyun Tae: Why do you keep telling me that, if you don’t want this, then you back down.

Mong Hyun: So you don’t want this, right?

Hyun Tae: Even if I don’t want to do this, I have to. You think I have any say in this?

Then Hyun Tae gives his card to Mong Hyun to go shopping but she gets offended by his act – but he tells her that this is why she is marrying him. When Hyun Tae leave the restaurant and enters the car of the girl that was waiting for him outside, Mong Hyun goes outside after him, but she couldn’t say anything and just sits in the middles of the street.

Next day, Hyun Tae goes to Mong Hyun’s house to greet the whole family – surprisingly he acts cheerful and pretty much like the dream son-in-law.

After visiting Mong Hyun’s family, on another day, the two go to Hyun Tae’s house, there Mong Hyun sees Mong Hee (acting as Yoona), but Mong Hee pretends not to know Mong Hyun and Mong Hyun doesn’t think too much of it, just says that “Yoona” and her older sister look similar.


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