[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 22 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Ji Ho, Seo Joon and Al aren’t in this episode.

It’s been a long time since I did the recaps for ‘Shut up family’ and since it’s winter break, I have a lot of free time….therefore I’m going to use it to recap the sitcom.

Recently, the producers, decided to change the name from “Shut up Family” to “Family” – honestly, I don’t know why it took almost 90 episodes, even so, I’m going to continue to tag this show as ”Shut up family”.

Before starting the actual recap, I want to say sorry for skipping so many episodes, but I watched episodes 16-21 a while ago, and to be honest I kind of forgot what happened in these episodes…thus I won’t recap them– re-watching  16-21 just to write the recaps is out of question – sorry.

Episode 22 starts with the family going out to eat. While at the restaurant, Woo Shin Hye, her mother and her daughters are embarrassed because the lack of manners of  Yeol Seok Hwan and his children. They are pretty much eating whit their mouths open, the food falls out of their mouths, Mak Bong eats dropped-on the ground food, the granny puts lefts-over’s in her bag (more like stuffing left-over’s in her bag), Mak Bong ‘collects’ left-over’s from other tables.

Later at the salon, Ji Yoon enters Shin Hye’s office and the 2 of them talk about the preparations of the party that will be held at the salon:

Ji Yoon: Step-father’s family will also come, right?

Shin Hye: Yes, of course.

Ji Yoon: That will be totally funny.

After hearing Ji Yoon, Shin Hye goes shopping for clothes for the step-father’s family – since she doesn’t want to be embarrassed by them. The only problem is that, Hee Bong and Seok Hwan won’t fit in the clothes she brought, therefore, Shin Hye decide to put the two of them on a diet.

During dinner, the granny gives Hee Bong and Seok Hwan plenty of rice, but Shin Hye takes the rice and gives them…..only cabbage.

Seok Hwan: If a person eats only this, can still live?

Shin Hye: Of course!

Shin Hye tries also to change the step kids’ habits while eating. As well, after dinner she makes them jog.

Since Hee Bong and her father can’t stay a long time without ‘proper food’ they try to eat while hiding from Shin Hye.

Finally, the day for the party is here – at the beginning, Seok Hwan and his kids manage to have a proper image, and everyone praises Shin Hye for her new family. Of course step father’s family can’t keep this image for too long, hence after Shin Hye allows them to eat, they come back at their old habits: all of them stuff their mouths with food, Hee Bong and Seok Hwan get –kind of – drunk, the granny stuffs food in her purse, Woo Bong drops the food from his mouth on the ground, Mak Bong gathers from the ground the food Woo Bong dropped since “it’s a waste of food”.


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  1. lam tuyen · · Reply

    Characters in this series have names similar with their real name, only different last name (Shin Hye, Ji Joon, Ji Ho, Seok Hwan, Hyung Beom, Seo Joon). It is clearly not coincident.

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