30 Day Kdrama Challenge – Day 2&3: Your favorite male/female lead character


Day 02: Your Favorite Male Lead Character: Baek Dong Soo (“Warrior Baek Dong Soo”)

For me, this question is rather hard, since most of the time, between the lead and second male character, I normally end up liking the second male character a lot more than the main one, don’t really know  why, it just happens. Still I do have a favorite male lead character, and that is definitely Baek Dong Soo.


Usually, I don’t like historical dramas, but ‘Warrior Baek Dong Soo’ was my cup of tea, and it’s not because Ji Chang Wook is one of my favorite Korean actors, it’s because the way he portrayed Baek Don Soo. He knew how to give life to his character.

The thing that made me like Baek Dong Soo was the evolution of the character. From my point of view it was a constant pace growth, not to fast but at the same time not to slow.


Day 03: Your Favorite Female Lead Character: Han Sang Eun (“Creating Destiny”)

I can’t actually call it a favorite female lead character, since most of them are made to look weak without any power  and needs some rich guy to protect her,  but I (somehow) liked Han Sang Eun from ‘Creating destiny’ more than most female leads.

What I liked about Han Sang Eun was the fact that since the beginning she was a determined/ strong-minded woman and she reminded like that throughout the whole drama.


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  1. seanandnan · · Reply

    I have to admit that I love Han Sang Eun too…I am making my kids watch Creating Destiny before they get married…I love in Korea that love is a given but love can’t get you through all the time…Koreans get or at least kdramas get that the most important thing in a marriage or relationship is trust…This was so well done in Creating Destiny…Eugene was also so good as Sang Eun, a 10 on the cuteness factor…I would definitely put her in my top 10 female characters of all time, but my all-time favorite is Miho…Shin Min Ah plays her to perfection…I also love Song Hye-Kyo’s Han Ji-Eun’s character and especially her acting from Full House…These two are my two all-time favorites with only a slight edge to Miho…As I am writing, I think of others and my third fav would be Yoon Eun-Hye’s character in Coffee Prince, Eun-Chan…I loved this character and especially her acting…And recently, I would also have to put Song Soon Ah’s Han Seung Hee’s Mama character up there…This was just super sad and that is because she was so good in that role…And finally, another of my all-time favorites is Lee Bo-Young as Attorney Jang Hye-Sung…I better stop before I think of some more like Park Shin Hye as Go Mi-Nam and Kim Tae Hee as Princess Lee-Sul, Park Min Young as Mi-Na in City Hunter, Moon Chae-Won as Cha Yeon-Seo, Ha Ji Won as Gil Ra-Im, Son Ye-Jin as Shim Hye-Won, Kim Ha-Neul as Oh Seung-Ah and Gianna Jun as Cheon Song-Yi…Too many to count…

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