30 Day Kdrama Challenge – Day 01: Your Favorite Kdrama


Since the end of this year is near, I decided to take the “30 Day Kdrama Challenge” after reading wishiwasasian’s blog recently. Unfortunately, until the end of the year, are lesser days than 30, I’ll have to post 2 challenges a day.

Day 01: Your Favorite Kdrama

This is the hardest question for me when it comes to dramas because I have at least a favorite in each genre, therefore I’ll skip the ‘rules’ a little bit more than one drama. The dramas that I’m going to list are the dramas that I’ve kept in my mind all my years of watching dramas, and if there is a person who will ask me ‘Hei, can you tell me a good drama to watch’ – I will definetly name these shows.


“Snow Queen” – this one is mostly my (drama) ‘alma mater’. If someone were to ask me to name pros and cons for “Snow Queen” I wouldn’t know what to put in the cons category. It was perfect! I have no complains about it. From OST to acting, landscape, develop of characters, everything was perfect.

Although “Snow Queen” had a ‘trend-like’ plot from that time ‘best friend dies/main character’s life changes drastically/one of the main character has an incurable dieses’ it still kept a nice pace and had a realistic feel.


“Dalja’s spring” – Definitely a favorite. And it’s not just because Lee Min Ki was my ‘first love’ actor, it’s mostly because while I was watching this drama it seemed like I was actually watching a real couple. The actors, script writers and the director did a great job in the way they showed a ‘the life of an older woman-younger boy relationship’ and their problems from their daily life. It was rather comforting watching “Dalja’s spring”.

Another thing that I loved about this drama was the kisses, meaning the kisses were a little more than just the ‘dead fish’ kiss we normally see in dramas. Also it didn’t had the normal ‘love triangle/revenge’ plot witch from my part it was refreshing.


“White Christmas” – I always was skeptical when I heard about X or Z idol/model coming into acting, but for me “White Christmas” was a pleasant surprise – and the cast really made me think twice before tagging a model as ‘can’t act because she/he is a model” . There is no love story –per say- and it has an interesting story behind it – something that you could somehow learn from. It had an interesting philology behind it, “Are monsters born, or raised?” As for the cast, I will always have the feeling of being proud of them whenever I see them in new projects.  – don’t really have the (English) words to describes how good this show is –


“Baker King Kim Tak Goo” – another drama that I’ve enjoyed all the 30 episodes. Actually at first I didn’t wanted to watch this show, I don’t even remember why, maybe because the first episode was boring but after I passed the first one, I marathoned it. The big plus – from my point of view – for this drama was that they didn’t focus only on the main character or main couple’s story and gave flavor and time to develop to every character. Besides the OST is one of the best. What I didn’t like about this drama was the first and last episode even so “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” unquestionably deserves its high ratings.


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