[Kdrama] ‘My Daughter Seo Young’ episode 2-10 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Opinion post~

Please keep in mind that this post contains a lot of spoilers from episode 1-10. If you haven’t watched until episode 10, please don’t read this post since it may spoil your fun.

It’s been a long time since I actually enjoyed a family drama… actually, the only family dramas that I’ve enjoyed so far were ‘Ojakkyo Brothers’ and ‘Smile you’ witch I watched because I liked the cast for both. It happened the same with ‘Seo Young, My Daughter’ since I am a fan of Park Hae Jin since a long time ago, I kind of missed him in Korean dramas since the last 2 years he played in Taiwanese dramas. So because of my petty reasons I started watching this drama as well.

For those that wanted to watch ’Seo Young, My Daughter’ but got scared after seeing that it has 50 episode, you should give it a try – well this is from my point of view, but this drama has a lot more to share not only cheese lines from its main characters.

Also, this drama is rated as a melodrama, but why I’m I laughing so much in every episode – both comedy (actually more like dark comedy) and melodrama scenes complement each other.


‘Seo Young, My Daughter’ seems to share a lot of light on daily problems/inner conflicts people have: critical eye of society when it comes to two people from different backgrounds, relationship between father and his children, poverty and many other subject that people have to deal with on a daily basis.

Regarding this drama, there is something that I actually appreciate, even if some won’t find it important: the fact that Seo Young, her younger brother Sang Woo and her father wear pretty much the same clothes. I mean Seo Young has been wearing the same 3 pair of jeans, the same 4 shirts and the same pair of shoes. I personally like it like this – it makes their story of actually being poor more believable.


I still have an “I understand you/what the heck you are thinking” kind of relationship with most characters. For example I do understand Seo Young for hating her father but at the same time I’m thinking that why doesn’t she see that her father is trying to change for her and Sung Woo’s sake. Also when she lies to Woo Jae’s family about her being an orphan – somehow I do understand it, because at the beginning she didn’t though that Woo Jae’s family will let them marry. I do understand her for not wanting to get looked down because of her father, but after his family gave their approval for Seo Young and Woo Jae to marry ….her lie is getting bigger. Still she can’t say it all of a sudden “Hei I lied to you all, actually I do have a father but I was too ashamed of telling you all about him”. Even so I do believe is she told Woo Jae quicker about her father he would forgive her. But she decided to keep everything hidden plus adds even more lies…


As I was telling in the upper part of my post, this drama talks about other problems not only the love life of the main characters.  One of the characters that I follow with somehow a lot of interest is the head of the Choi family, Choi Min Suk. He is an over 40 years old man who is despised by his wife, or more like ignored by his wife who always doesn’t include him in the problems of their daughter, Choi Ho Jung. At the same time he is ignored at his work place and wants to quit working there so follow his dream.  Honestly, I like this characters because, being an University student it kind of makes me wonder if I did chose the right path in life….makes me wonder if I will regret it years later for taking this path that I’m taking now. Even if Choi Min Suk is portrayed in a rather comical way I do believe the writers want to express the importance of ‘making a choice in your life’.


By the way, even if “My Daughter Seo Yeong” is a melodrama, it does have its own comical parts that are like a breath of air. For example, the funny “relationship” between Seo Young’s younger brother, Sang Woo and Choi Min Suk’s daughter, Choi Ho Jung. Actually calling it a ‘relationship’ it’s kind of too much, more like a one-sided love from Ho Jung’s part towards Sang Woo.


The way she tries so hard to just see him it’s funny, but at the same time they do portray those ‘embarrassing moments’ of first love – hmm or am I thinking too much into her character. Sang Woo is being paired with Woo Jae’s younger sister Kang Mi Kyung who is a resident doctor like Sang Woo. Well, actually so far it’s more like a University friendship, but even so I’m looking forward to see the development of Sang Woo-Mi Kyung- Ho Jung’s love triangle.  I have a feeling that I’m going to like them more than the main couple.



  1. What drama is ur BACKGROUND?

    1. It’s called ‘Wonderful Mama’

  2. i love the cast of my daughter seoyoung

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