[Kdrama] ‘School 2013’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~


Nam Soon: “School can’t be that unjust.”

I’m back! “School 2012” has awakened the ‘drama lion’ from my heart –lol-

I had an inner debate about if I should start this drama or not – in the end I decided to watch it, actually I decided to watch it after finding out that Kwak Jung Wook and  Kim Woo Bin are part of the cast after all I have strong feelings towards everyone from “White Christmas” . But Kim Woo Bin doesn’t appear in episode one, still since I also love Lee Jong Suk it was enough for me to make me like this drama. Yay~

“School 2013” is pretty much the televised version of high school – bullying was, is and will continue to exist in high school all over the world.  What makes me angry and what I’ll never understand is “expelling the trouble makers since they put a dark spot on the school’s reputation” – this is pure bulls*it.  Isn’t the school supposed to educate and help the teenager? Let’s be honest expelling the “troublemakers” because they make a bad reputation for the school is like hiding the dirt under the bed. Another thing that made me angry was at the beginning of the episode, there was a teacher that said something like: “You can just ignore them. They’re not the only kids like that around. (…) I guess…it’s better to just not see them.” – We all know there are teacher like these in every school, these teacher that chose to ignore everything. They all should be ashamed of themselves – they are supposed to help the students not ignore them.

Leaving aside the teacher that chose to ignore, I want to say my own opinion regarding the students from the main class of this drama. I’ve read on some other blogs that it’s also the other students fault for not doing anything regarding the bullies. But if you put yourself in their place you will also do the same thing – chose not to say anything, and maybe the bullies will ignore you – Of course if all the students of the class got together to stop the bulling then something it may change even so, let’s face it to make that happen someone needs to be the first one to say it, but unfortunately if that person isn’t backed up by the other classmates he/she will be the next target of the bulling. That’s probably the main reason why the other students aren’t doing anything.

Still, there is some light; unfortunately it happens only in dramas, Go Nam Soon (Lee Jong Suk) who was chosen as the class’ President, mostly as a joke, is somehow going against the bully, Oh Jung Ho. Wonder how much he can do? Actually I’m not really sure if at the beginning he was scared of Oh Jung Ho or he wasn’t actually scared but more like tried to ignore the bully  (do as the bully said) to have a peaceful high school life.  Even so he is somehow protecting the weaker one in the class.

Also, teacher Uhm Tae Woong seems to actually want to help the students but unfortunately can’t do much since the new Director of the school is more concerned about how the “rebels are destroying the image of the school”.  Homeroom teacher Jung In Jae, of Nam Soon and Jung Ho’s class is trying to oppose Jung Ho’s violent acts. Even if Jung Ho had a violent attitude towards her, she is still somehow protecting Jung Ho when the Director wants to kick out Jung Ho. She seems to want to know why Jung Ho is acting like this and seems to want to help him. Even so, Jung In Jae is rather week, as a person and as a teacher since the other teachers are pretty ignorant when it comes to the troublemakers.

After watching episode one, I’m actually looking forward how this drama will develop and how the characters and their stories will develop. Since I have confidence in the cast –so far- let’s hope the writer and the director will continue to do a good job as well.

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