[Kdrama] ‘Nice Guy/Innocent Man’ episode 4-9 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Opinion post!

Opinion post!

I love Kang Cho Ko and Park Jae Gil – they are the only characters worth liking in this drama. Also those two are like a breath of air in all the mess of ‘Nice Guy’.

As I said in my previous post about ‘Nice Guy’ – this drama won’t have a happy ending since the main writer is Lee Kyung Hee.  To be honest until episode 8 I had a lot of hopes that it will actually be a good show ….but then I saw episode 9 and the memory loss, it’s just ‘Will it snow for Christmas’ all over again. It’s really disappointing ….the plot had potential, but since it’s in the blood of Lee Kyung Hee to destroy all her dramas around episode 9-11…Ah! I have no more words.

Don’t know about others, for me it’s been a long time to want to watch another episode and another one and so on, well, that until episode 9 – it was a big turn off.

Yesterday, I was talking with one of my ‘drama friends’ – and she was really angered by Eun Gi’s father because from her point of view the dad was too harsh to her and didn’t showed any sign of affection. From my point of view, I don’t think the father acted wrong – okay some may thing ‘why the heck are you so heartless’ – yes he was a little wrong for not actually showing affection to Eun Gi, still let’s not forget, a lot of people depended of Tae San’s growth and stability. President Seo was aware that if he didn’t ‘train’ Eun Gi well enough a lot of people were to suffer – people working for the company, as well as the families of those people.  He wanted to show Eun Gi that if she lets her emotions get her; others were to suffer because of her impulsivity.

Also a lot of people were saying on different Asian drama sites that they hate Ma Roo for using Eun Gi to get his revenge – but weren’t they using each other? Although later on Eun Gi started to have feeling for Ma Roo, but it happened only because Eun Gi grow up without affection from those around her. Besides you can’t blame Ma Roo for everything – yes he is indeed to blame for using Eun Gi – still let’s not forget he was fighting with his own feeling for Jae Hee – revenge, love, despair, betrayal …. However, I can’t say Ma Ro is starting to have feeling for Eun Gi – I don’t know why. I think it was more like a ‘feeling’ sorry for Eun Gi , or ‘I shouldn’t have used her’ rather than love.

For example, in episode 8, when Ma Roo listens to the voice mail that Jae Hee left him, saying that her brother wants to kill her, Ma Roo rushed to save her – although after he found out that Jae Hee lied, he just wanted to give up on Jae Hee, even so it wasn’t because his feeling for Eun Gi grow, it’s more because Ma Roo wanted to release himself from Jae Hee.

To be honest, if Eun Gi survives until the last episode, I want her to end up with Lawyer Park (Park Joon Ha) – I feel like he actually loves Eun Gi and he can give her a better life than Ma Roo – not talking about a material life.




  1. I am amazed on how you can grasp so many episodes and put them in a short post. *applauds* Keep it up! 😀

    1. I actually wanted to make an opinion post after each episode I saw but I ended up watch episode after episode and forgot to make the posts OTL thank you for reading~ (^o^)/

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