[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 15 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Finally love is rising! Well not actually love, it’s the ‘starting to like’ stage.  Still not sure if I like the ‘current couples’ – Jiyoon started to like Ji Ho and Hee Bong started to like Al – but to be honest Hee Bong’s “relationship” with Jiho is more like the normal Korean drama relationship; he is a jackass and she is a ugly duckling.

On her way to work, Hee Bong meets Al who is from now on also working in her step mother’s beauty salon. While having a casual conversation, Al asks Hee Bong what’s her name (until now he didn’t knew her name, although they knew each other) – without any (hidden) meaning he tells Hee Bong that her name is cute as her; but because normally guys compliment only the appearance of her step sister – or more like, she isn’t used receiving compliments based on her appearance (since the makeup staff and hairdresser did an excellent job making her ugly) Hee Bong starts to like Al.

Jiyoon was talking on the phone while waiting for Jiho to open the coffee shop – when he arrives; he tells Jiyoon that the shop is closed that day. Because she couldn’t convince Jiho to give her a coffee, she asks if she did something to upset him but he tells her nothing like that happened and that he just doesn’t want trouble (every time he is around Hee Bong or Jiyoon something happened to him or his shop).

The step mother introduces Al to the other staff members – Jiyoon appears and gets scolded by her mother for being 20 minutes late for work and tells her to take care of Al/show him around the salon. After introducing Al, the step mother asks Hee Bong to go in her place at the center where the father works to give the teenagers a cosmetic class.

At the center,  Hee Bong sees Jiho and tries to hide from him, but unfortunately for her he notices Heebong . After calling Hee Bong an “ugly ajumma” her orders her to carry the stuff from his car.

Heebong: That person, Al, until when are you living together? Does he have a girlfriend?

Jiho: Why do you want to know, ajumma?

Heebong: I have a name, stop calling me ajumma.

Jiho: With that face, it suits you.

After finishing his work at the center, Jiho goes to tell Heebong’s father that he finished and that he is going home. The father keeps touching Jiho – like patting his back, or shaking his hand – but since Jiho is a clean freak, he tries to wipe off where the Seok Hwan touched; Heebong’s father then starts to tell Jiho that Heebong still hasn’t found a boyfriend, she gets annoyed and tells the father that she is leaving.  Because Jiho was going the same direction as her, Seok Hwan asks him to give Hee Bong a ride since she also has to carry a lot of stuff. In the parking lot, Jiho starts to disinfect Heebong before she gets In the car but he gets annoyed and refuses to go with him – well it’s not like Jiho even cared if the ugly ajumma goes home walking.

Back at the beauty salon, Al sees Heebong carrying big boxes and gives his help; he unintentionally touches her hand, and Heebong blushes imediatlly, but Al thinks she got a fever and touches her face.

Going at a birthday party, Jiyoon sees Jiho and asks him to give her a ride, but he refuses – so she bluntly enters his car. Jiho tells her that he doesn’t care and that she should get out of his car, of course Jyong doesn’t pay attention to him.

Al hears Heebong say that her back is aching so he offered to make her a massage. Because she was stiff from work AL invites her at a walk outside (and her heart goes THUMB THUMB THUMB –lol).

Back at Jiyoon and Jiho, Jiyoon touches everything in Jiho’s car – and because of her they almost had an accident. Annoyed, Jiho leaves her in the middle of the road.

Al and Heebong see Jiho’s car and start talking about Jiho having a girlfriend. Al tells her that Jiho doesn’t have a girlfriend and Heebong adds that with his character of course Jiho doesn’t have a girlfriend. Then Al asks the ugly ajumma if she has a boyfriend.

Heebong: Not yet/not currently.

Al: I thought you had one since you are cute.

Al gives a water bottle to Heebong, and after she drank from it, he asks her to give him a sip.

Heebong: But I touched it with my lips.

Al: It’s okay.

Heebong: (talking to herself: indirect kiss…?)

She becomes flustered and sees a movie poster. The ‘ugly ajumma’ says that she wanted to see that movie, and Al tells her that they should go and watch it together –okay what he actually does/says/and everything else towards Heebong it’s because he is a nice/friendly person but she misunderstands him.

Heebong: I really want to see that move.

Al: Want to go together?

Heebong: What? The 2 of us?

Al: Why? You don’t have time?

Heebong: No! I have a lot of (free) time.

Later, after the work schedule finished, Al invites Heebong out with the other staff members.

Girl: By the way, Al, you don’t have a girlfriend do you?

Al: Yes.

Girl: Then what is your ideal type?

Al: A cute girl. You don’t have a boyfriend?

Girl: No…(tries to look sad)

Al: I thought you had one since you are cute (look cute).

The other girls start to act as if they had back pain so that Al can give them a massage – Heebong get jealous by herself. After that, AL looks at Heenong and starts talking about his dog Titsiana ( don’t know if I wrote the name currently), the other girls get curious about the dog so he shows them a photo – the dog actually looked like Heebong.

After the gathering, Al walks Heebong home – because he heard that there is a pervert in the neighborhood. At the same time, Jiyoon’s boyfriend drops her off in front of Jiho’s coffee shop (actually the shop is in the same building they live in). Out of nowhere a dude in short pants (looked like a pervert) appeared;  Jiyoon get scared and hurts her ankle while she was trying to run away. Jiho, who was coming home, sees the scene and tries to help Jiyoon. Because she hurt her ankle he gives her a piggyback.

The pervert runs into Al and Heebong and it turned out if was her uncle. After the uncle leaves, Heebong asks Al about a bracelot he had, he tells her that he got the bracelet from Africa and gives it to her.

Al & Heebong meet Jiho and Jiyoon on their way home. Jiho tells Al to take Jiyoon home and calls Heebong to come with him to carry some boxes into the shop.

The quotes are translated by me so there may be grammar mistakes.



  1. Do you know where can I watch this drama in HD?

    1. Try dramacrazy, the quality isn’t HD but pretty decent but there are no subs – if you are from North America, try watching it on dramafever

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