[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 14 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Won’t recap episode 13 since Ji Ho, Al nor Seo Joon appear in it.

After watching this episode I wonder what on Earth isn’t Al good at?! He’s good at everything – cooking, massage, has medical knowledge and many other stuff! Also every ajumma in that town loves him.

–   Going to omit the parts were the 2 grannies of the family are annoying each other –

While vacuuming the room Ji Ho asks Al to bring a rag and clean the room, but Al doesn’t give much attention to him – after a few seconds Al asks Ji Ho to turn of the vacuum because he can’t hear the TV –  of course Ji Ho gets annoyed and tells Al to find a job and leave his house – Al replies by saying that when he will find a job that he really likes then he will surely leave:

Ji Ho: Really?

Al: Really really!

Ji Ho: Then go outside and find one, every day you just stay on the sofa. Don’t you have any specialty/what you like to do?

Later at the supermarket Al asks Ji Ho if he wants to eat blowfish, but Ji Ho says he doesn’t want to die after eating it:

Al: Hyung, should we eat blowfish?

Ji Ho: I don’t want to die after eating blowfish.

Al: You won’t die; I have a blowfish cooking certificate.

Ji Ho: What? Really, you?

After hearing that Al has a certificate for cooking blowfish, he tells Al that he should find a job as a blowfish cook, but Al refuses saying that it isn’t his character to stay all day in the kitchen. Even so Ji Ho still tries to convince him but Al isn’t paying attention to his hyung after seeing ‘free dumplings’ (you know normally in the supermarkets are those small stands with free sample) and runs to eat some. The ajumma from the stand seems to like Al and takes the dumpling from another customer and gives it to him. After a while Ji Ho sees Al surrounded by all the ajummas from the free-sample stands.

Back at the coffee shop, a little girl was whining saying that she wants hot coco but her mother was telling her to drink milk. Al comes and calms the litter girl by making her some animal shaped – and other stuff – from balloons. The mother and grandmother of the little girl thank him for calming the girl – the mother also tells Al that she owns a hair salon and that he should come one time and he’ll get a free cut. After they leave, Ji Ho asks Al where did he learn to do balloon forms – apparently Al also has another certificate. Ji Ho gets annoyed and tells Al that he has to go somewhere.

Later, when they were in an elevator, the elevator stops – Ji Ho glues himself on the wall of the elevator but Al tries to calm the rest of the people by telling them some technical stuff about elevators  – BECAUSE he also has an elevator certificate (inspection certificate).  At that moment a pregnant woman starts to feel sick but Al helps her OF COURSE because he has a midwife certificate!!!!

After they get out of the elevator, Ji Ho asks Al when did he got all those certificates, he also tries to convince Al to get a job as a midwife but Al doesn’t want to – so Ji Ho tries to convince him to get a job using his elevator certificate but again Al doesn’t want to.

Back at the coffee shop, a lady customer was complaining about her back pain and Al offers himself to do a massage, later in front of the shop some ladies gathered to have a back massage from Al. After a while Woo Shin Hye  (stepmother of Hee Bong and mother of Ji Yoon) appeared at the coffee shop and offered Al a job at her beauty salon.

In the next episode Hee Bong and Ji Yoon are starting to like Ji Ho and Al – going to post the next episode soon~ English quotes are translated by me so there may be some mistakes.

Wanted to share this pic since Ji Ho is perfect!

Wanted to share this pic since Ji Ho is perfect!


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