[Kdrama] Gifs ‘Five Fingers’ ~ Ji Chang Wook & Joo Ji Hoon ~

I just had to gif these parts from episode 5 – I wanted to do more, but I think I’ll make it as a ‘part one gif set and part 2 gif set’ – and I’ll come back with the second set late. Watching this episode just broke my heart, it makes me so angry to see the mother using Ji Ho like that and at the same time making In Ha’s hatred towards Ji Ho grow. Also seeing Ji Chang Wook cry torn my heart into million pieces.

Gifs after the cut, please DO NOT post the gifs on tumblr – that’s the only request I have – please respect it!

I feel like this is Ma Roo (oppa) and the hag all over again – fans of ‘Can you hear my heart’ will understand – for Ma Roo I cried buckets of tears but now I think I’ll cry a Niagara in my room for In Ha and Ji Ho….



  1. those gifs are just beautiful ;A; can I hug you?!

    1. Thank you~ *virtual hug*

  2. The guy from Goong looks so grown up!!

    1. But he is still good looking just that I wish they’ll change that 90s idol hairstyle OTL

      1. Yeah he’s a good looking guy but the hair does need to go lol.

  3. Pretty pretty pretty!! I bow to your .gif making abilities, ’cause mine suck big time. 🙂 Arigatou gozaimasu!!

    1. Thank you~~~ I’ll try to make more. Now I’ve finished all my work and I’m back at recapping/watching/fangirling dramas XD Gonna start with Five Fingers, I’m waaaay behind T_T

  4. Nice gifs. They are so beautiful. The relationship between brothers is really tugging my heart, how Ji Ho loves his brother but couldn’t keep it that way till the end. The story is so heart-wrenching that sometimes I feel that they shouldn’t have to be turned out like that, but things happened that it couldn’t be avoided.

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