[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 10 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

This episode is pretty much showing that boys can be really superficial when it comes to beautiful girls and not so beautiful girls. Actually from my point of view it’s just girls who love themselves too much and girls who don’t like themselves/their persona.

For this episode I’ll write a little about Hee Bong and how people treat (mostly ignore) her because she isn’t as beautiful as Ji Yoon. Like for example, when Hee Bong asks Woo Bong to shave some ice for her he refuses but when Ji Yoon appears, Woo Bong offers to shave ice for her (since she is beautiful compared to Hee Bong). Also, the youngest member of the family, Mak Bong runs to sit near Ji Yoon.

Back at Ji Ho’s house, he calls his older brother to ask why he sent Seo Joon to live with him. Because of the nephew, Ji Ho is having a hard time. When Ji Ho is using the bathroom, Seo Joon plays with the light – annoyed, Ji Ho goes out to rebuke him, Seo Joon – who is actually playing – strangulates Ji Ho and ‘breaks’ his neck. After the incident, Ji Ho tells Seo Joon to read the 100 rules to live in his house (the same rules he showed Al in episode 5) – he also tells his nephew to stay put until he goes to the bathroom:

Ji Ho: I have to go to the bathroom, stay here until I come back.

Seo Joon: Uncle, you have to use the bathroom again? You got hemorrhoids again?

Al: Hemorrhoids, Hyung has hemorrhoids? (Ahahahahahaha)

When, Ji Ho goes to the bathroom, Seo Joon plays, again, with the light – Ji Ho comes out but Seo Joon was hiding behind the door and jumps on Ji Ho ‘strangle’ his uncle……again.

At the store, 3 girls were staring/ giggling at Ji Ho, and one of them goes to him and asks something about a coffee, he gives a rather professional reply, but the girl wasn’t actually interested in the coffee, she just wanted to condensate with him. While Ji Ho was making the coffee for the girl, Seo Joon appears and jumps on his uncle’s neck…. (Again). Se Joon tells Ji Ho that he is bored and wants to help, but Ji Ho puts him in his place by saying that he should stay still without creating problems.

Seo Joon listens to his uncle and stays put

And stays….

Still not moving

Yep, not moving

He sure has strong endurance

Ji Ho gets irritated and tells Seo Joon to go at the front desk (to take to order of the customers). When two girls appear and make their order, Seo Joon has to………do the math, and it seems he is bad at math, actually more like……………..slow!!! Fortunately, Al comes and saves him.

Ji Ho goes to serve the coffee for the girl from earlier, and Seo Joon tells him that his laces aren’t tied. While Ji Ho was tying his laces, the nephew attacks Ji Ho’s butt!!

Seo Joon: Uncle, does it hurt? The hemorrhoids aren’t cured yet?

Ji Yoon and Hee Bong go to a beauty salon, but every guy from the salon ignores Hee Bong and gives attention only to Ji Yoon. When the girls were choosing the hairstyle they want, the staff of the salon are nice with Ji Yoong but rude words Hee Bong. Also, when one of them was washing Hee Bong’s hair, he put soap in her eyes, splashed water on her face, but when Ji Yong and another staff member came, the guy that was washing Hee Bong’s hair was telling the other guy who was washing Ji Yong to be careful.

Back at Ji Ho, he was giving a lecture at his coffee shop – and his personality appears again – I mean stuff like the table of two students wasn’t in line with the other tables. Da Yoon (one of the main family girls – the mother’s daughter and sister of Ji Yoon and step-sister of Hee Bong and Woo Bong) tells Ji Ho she heard that he studied in Italy and how she think it’s great, and thanking him for giving the lecture…..but Ji Ho isn’t interested in her “kiss-ass’-ing” and tells her to wipe the board – he also puts the other students clean the room. After they cleaned the room, Seo Joon appears – and asks Ji Ho if he can stay there because he was bored – but the uncle refuses and tells him to leave.

While Ji Ho was writing on the board, Seo Joon sneaks in the room, and pulls off Ji Ho’s pants in front of the class – annoyed Ji Ho drags the nephew out of the room. Later, Seo Joon was punished by Ji Ho to stay in the restaurant on his knees with the hands up.

Ji Yoon appears at the shop, and orders some cakes and bagels (I think) – she sees something (have no idea what it is, I think it’s coffee or something…..sorry) and asks Ji Ho if he can give that product for free, but he refuses so she tries to do aegyo (acting cute).

Ji Ho: what are you doing now? Does your body hurt?

Ji Yoon: it’s doesn’t hurt?

Ji Ho: then why are you moving like that, it’s disgusting.

On her way home, Hee Bong meets Al – because she was drunk she started to mumble about her face – but Al says it’s cute, it resembles the dog he used to have, and he pats her head (I think he was referring to her poodle like hair)


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