[Kactor] Pictorial ~ Park Seo Joon for Fast Magazine ~

Rookie actor Park Seo Joon shows a neat style and unique feeling in the fashion magazine ‘Fast Magazine’.

Although I’ve seen him in Dream High (don’t know why but after Dream High I always lived with the impression that Park Seo Joon was a JYP trainee but it seems I was wrong) he caught my eye in ‘Shut up Family’ – to be honest he seems like a promising actor. Despise his rather let’s say serious character in Dream High, in Shut up family he plays a comical character.

Later edit: No no no!! actually he caught my eye when I saw him in BYG’s ‘I remember’ music video. (just found out that he and the guy from the music video are the same person…)

Well, I’m really looking forward to see how his acting career will grow!

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