[Kdrama] ‘The Thousandth Man’ episode 2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I have a feeling that this drama is going to be pretty sad, or at lead Eung Suk’s story will end bad. I thought I’ll just chill with “The Thousandth Man” and cry my soul out with “Five Fingers” – but now I suppose I will cry my soul out with both of them…

Early in the morning, a guy threatens to jump off the building where Mi Jin’s mother had her beauty salon. The mother calls Mi Jin and tells her to come fast at the beauty salon because “He’s finally here. Your thousandth man.”

While the guy was yelling out of his lungs that he is going to jump off, Mi Jin appears…..just chilling’ and drying her hair. The man tells her if she is going near him he is going to jump, but Mi Jin says that he can continue doing his thing because she is a little busy drying her hair.  After a staying on the rooftop of the building, Mi Jin asks him if he doesn’t want to go to eat, because she is hungry.

Mi Jin takes the guy at Eung Suk’s restaurant, annoyed Eung Suk asks Mi Jin to step outside with him to have a talk.

Eung Suk: You just met him when he was trying to kill himself?

Mi Jin: Yes. What about it?

EungSuk: Mi-jin, but you’re dying…I mean, is dating men all you can think about?

Mi Jin: Yes. I need to find a man. He’s sad, isn’t he? He has no job, no friends, and his girlfriend left him. He has so many reasons to die.

Eung Suk: People like that never kill themselves. It’s the ones with no reasons to live.

Mi Jin: Then I’m fine. Because I need to find a man.

Eung Suk: Mi-jin!

Mi Jin: But… Why are you so angry?

Eung Suk: Is death such a joke to you? There are so many people who want to live and can’t.

Mi Jin: I wasn’t just messing around. You’re really strange today.

Pissed, after the talk with Mi Jin, Eung Suk kicks the guy who wanted to jump off the building out of his restaurant.

Mi Jin’s mother decides to let ‘The dude’ live in with them. While having their dinner, Mi Jin’s mom asks ‘The dude’ if he would want to date Mi Jin, but he replies by saying that Mi Jin isn’t his style.

Mi Mo goes to Eung Suk’s restaurant to tell him that from tomorrow she will ‘stalk’ him 2 hours a day. But Eung Suk doesn’t show any interests in Mi Mo, he just thinks that the whole family is weird.  At home, Eung Suk’s sees blurry (they still don’t say what he has, but I thought this was a chill drama, if he is going to have a negative ending I’m going to beat the writer. Period!) After taking his medicine, Eung Suk calls Mi Jin and asks her to come out to meet him. When they meet, he apologizes to Mi Jin for overreacting earlier. But Mi Jin notices that he didn’t asked to meet just to apologies, but in fact to ask her why she is so interested in men.

Then Eung Suk says he understands her, but asks if dating a man who wanted to kill himself for his ex-girlfriend a little too much. She confesses s that her mom is actually the one who pushes Mi Jin into it. After a while, their conversation progresses, and from what I understand Eung Suk will in fact have a pretty bad ending …..Wasn’t this a light drama?

Mi Jin: Why are humans like that? Why do they whine and complain so much? Foxes, they…I mean animals. They get hurt, right? But they tend to their wounds by themselves. But humans have to publicize

How much they’re hurting. Why is that?

Eung Suk: Are animals really like that?

Mi Jin: Yes. Have you ever spent a day with a wounded animal? You should try it. You’ll never know how much pain they’re in.

Eung Suk: Then am I more animal than human?

The next day, Eung Suk goes out to take pictures of the neiborhod – Mi Mo appears telling Eung Suk that she will follow him for the next two hours.  Eung Suk asks her if she doesn’t have pride but Mi Mo throws her purse on a moving truck, saying that to a woman the purse is her pride and that she just throws away her pride.

On a field, Mi Jin and ‘The dude’ are on a date –lol- and they start chasing each other – actually is more like Mi Jin is flying from tree to tree and the guy chases her. Wonder why he doesn’t find it strange that Mi Jin can jump from tree to tree. Back at Eung Suk, Mi Mo follows him everywhere he goes for two hours.

Later, Mi Jin meets (more like found Eung Suk by his smell) Eung Suk – Mi Jin has flashbacks from the past, when she and her husband from a dynasty (forgot the name of the dynasty) were playing in a river. Eung Suk starts talking with Mi Jin about his childhood, and at some point Mi Jin tells him how in place of some building it was a field,  a stream and how she used to throw big rocks on the field but Eung Suk thought she was kidding.

At night, Mi Jin and Eung Suk meet Mi Mo – Mi Mo tells Mi Jin that she shouldn’t hit on her guys. Eung Suk get’s annoyed after hearing Mi Mo saying that he is ‘her guy’ – but a he has a sudden headache and leaves. Concerned, Mi Jin follows him – but sees Eung Suk fainting on the street. She jumps with him on a rooftop and because she doesn’t know what to do she kisses him.

Next morning, Eung Suk was telling his chef that he doesn’t understands how he suddenly ended up on the rooftop   and got kissed.

The chef:  You used to keep away from girls. Your instincts are coming out. That’s a kiss you have in dreams.

The story is taking form but unfortunately it has only 8 episodes. Also the rating are kinda bad, according to AMW ‘The Thousandth Man’ didn’t ranked within the Top 20 daily (sc: TNS Media Korea and AGB Nielson) – Some say it is because of the scandal T-ara members are in at the moment. I checked the board for ‘The Thousandth Man’ and 90% of the messages are asking to kick or edit Hyomin because if she appears they don’t want to watch the drama. To be honest, I feel sorry for the staff and the other actors – this show was filmed from some beautiful angles, plus, although at first I said that is just a drama good to chill, it actually has a deeper message. Hope the ratings will grow!



  1. I haven’t started on this one yet…soon, after I finish my exams! haha
    I want to ask, is the drama format like Answer Me 1997? 2 mini episodes aired back to back in the time slot?

    1. It’s an episode per week, it has an hour – actually on dramawiki is listed as sitcom and melodrama but to be honest it’s neither – I have no idea how it can be sitcom and melodrama at the same time – I mean you can’t compare it with a ‘standard’ sitcom like Shut up family or High Kick nor you can’t compare it with a melodrama like Kim Tak Goo or Will it snow for Christmas – if you look at these last two, The Thousandth Man is more like a light fantasy drama

  2. I watched the first ep just now ^^; and it’s more of a sitcom than a melo…the music is like a sitcom but I think it’s like a normal drama…as you’ve stated, this drama is one pretty show and it’s a waste not to watch it, considering its mini drama format. I’m loving each and every character, especially Eung Suk and Secretary Park. I’m fairly intrigued by Eung Suk and curious about his background, like what is his real identity?

    1. Being rather short, 8 episodes it may be a good thing, maybe it won’t lag like most dramas but at the same time it may be a bad thing since the PDs may rush the story. Even so, until now I enjoyed the drama – it’s nice, and I love Lee Chun Hee since I first saw him on Family Outing. I’m really curious about Eung Suk’s story too, I really want to know what disease he has – I started to think that they will fall in love but because Eung Suk may be dying, he will give Mi Jin his liver to save her … T__T

      1. ah, the good old days! I remember pitying the poor Chunderella who’s always bullied by the his stepmother Kim. haha!

        I don’t want to see Eung Suk sacrificing himself for Mi Jin! Please no…he’s too sweet to die just like that…..sobs

      2. I don’t want him to die too, but I see a bad end to him …T___T

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