[Kdrama] ‘Shut up family’ episode 8 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

As promised, I’m recapping ‘Shut up family’ only when Ji Ho or Chan Gi (Al in the show) appears, by next episode I’ll add another person, but I can’t say yet who he is since he appears only at the end of this episode.

Last episode I recapped was 5, and because neither Ji Ho nor Chan Gi appear in episode 6 or 7, I jumped at episode 8 – that is full of Ji Ho and Al.

The episode starts pretty normal, showing Ji Ho’s craziness with everything in order and on the same line, and because of that craziness he wakes up at 6:30 – while doing his morning routine, washing, drinking tea, arranging some stuff that weren’t in place (line), Al who is now living with Ji Ho, disturbs his peace.

Compared to Ji Ho, Al is let’s say carefree…makes a mess while eating and does other stuff that annoys Ji Ho:

Ji Ho: How long are you going to live here?

Al: Here? Korea?

Ji Ho: Here, MY home!

Al: I don’t know.

Ji Ho: “I don’t know”?!

Al: But I like living here with hyung.

Ji Ho: I you want to stay here…. (Shows Al the rules he must keep in mind while living in his house, stuff like don’t eat on the living room sofa, do clean up at least once a day…)

At Ji Ho’s coffee shop, Al disturbs Ji Ho again…while Ji Ho tries to put coffee beans on cakes. I have the impression that everyone in this sitcom tries to annoy him – but without any bad intentions, let’s say it happens because Ji Ho it’s a little too sensitive when others disturbes his peace.

While watching the sign with no fingers (because the girls from episode 5 broke the sign) Ji Ho sees the granny and the youngest member of their neighbors touching all the bread from his coffee shop. But Al appears and gives them bread for free….annoying Ji Ho again.

Al: How is it hyung? Don’t you feel good? (After giving free stuff)

Later that day, at home, while Ji Ho was in the living room nodding reading a magazine, Al appears and jumps on the couch. Ji Ho tells him not to put his legs on the couch and that he should wash his legs. The angry hyung reminds Al about the rules for living in his house and if he doesn’t respect them he should leave.

Next day, Ji Ho wakes up at exactly 6:30, and because he doesn’t hear any noise, runs into Al’s room and sees that Al’s not there. Thinking that Al left, Ji Ho cleans the house – after he continues with his daily routine.

At the coffee shop the granny and the kid appear, and again they touch all the bread. Ji Ho gives them a bag of bread saying that they should leave. The granny and the kid ask him where the ‘good ahjussi is – he reply by saying that the ‘good ahjussi’ left…..far away!


When he returns home, Ji Ho hears tv noise from his apartment, guess what, Al was back from the sea/beach.

Later, at night, Al comes back home with another dude, both drunk. While Al was in the bathroom, the other drunk dude was hugging Ji Ho telling him “I am Korean; we are the world brother brother”. After Ji Ho kicks the drunk guy out, Al comes out of the bathroom wearing Ji Ho’s trunks and washing his teethes with hyung’s ttoothbrush. Annoyed, Ji Ho kicks Al out as well.

In the morning, Ji Ho sees Al’s tent in the front of his coffee shop.  The father, granny and the kid appear and criticize Ji Ho for being a “bad ahjussi”.

Back home, while trying to enjoy his tea, Ji Ho hears Al’s laugh and reminds about the time when they were in Italy sharing the same slice of pizza – suppose they were too poor to buy food –lol-. After reminding about  his time with Al in Italy, Ji Ho runs to Al’s tent and tells him that he can come back home.

Next day, Al, with the help of the family from upstairs, prepares a surprise party for Ji Ho. But the party is more like Hell for Ji Ho since people were making a mess in his apartment – breaking stuff, dropping food on the floor… Seeing the mess they made, Ji Ho kicks everyone out – and puts Al to clean the house. But surprise surprise another problem appears for Ji Ho, his nephew comes and tells him that he is going to live there from now on.

Judging from the preview, dark days awaits for Ji Ho!

By the way, as a side note, his nephew is Park Seo Joon (he played in Dream High 2, he played Siwoo, second member of Eden in the drama). From now on, I’m going to recap only when Ji Ho, Al or Cha Seo Joon (the nephew).

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