[Kdrama] ‘Five Fingers’ episode 3 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

(this post contains only my opinion on this episode)

This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions. I was happy this moment and the next one I wanted to cry…

First off all I want to say that  because of this episode I started to like the father. To be honest I didn’t thought he cared at all about In Ha, since he is so busy getting his revenge on his wife using Ji Ho to annoy her. But thanks to this episode, I started to think that he actually cares about the two boys – still, we can’t really blame the wife since all of a sudden, her husband comes home with a boy he had with another woman – even so both the husband and the wife are to blame for using Ji Ho for their petty revenges, but I forgive the father, just a little, since he seems to actually care about Ji Ho and In Ha.

What made me change my mind about the father, is the scene at the pool when Yoo Man Se tells Ji Ho:

Yoo Man Se: This is your house and I’ll protect you till the end. Just promise me one thing. In any case, don’t make In Ha sad. He’s very sad because of me, and if you cause him even more sorrow, I won’t forgive you till I die. Can you promise me?

Ji Ho: Yes, I promise. I’ll take care of him.

But what I liked the most about this episode was that the two boys started to bond. Ji Ho tells the piano teacher to write In Ha’s name on the recommendation – when In Ha finds out, he tells Ji Ho that he isn’t a beggar to pick up what Ji Ho throw away:

In Ha: I don’t need your help. Why would I? Why should I?

Ji Ho: Because you are my (younger) brother. Even if you look at me like a bug, even if I might look pathetic to you.  I am your older brother. We are of the same blood though our father. Why don’t you understand that, you stupid idiot?

Also, near the end of the episode, Ji Ho gives In Ha the record his mother gave to him (in episode 2 I think) together with a note were he wrote that In Ha will take better care of that record:

Ji Ho ( on the note): I don’t want to fight with you. You’re m piano partner and also my roommate. Don’t forget that. Your hyung.

I love how In Ha is starting to soften up when it comes to Ji Ho – like giving the present he got from his mother to Ji Ho (that day was Ji Ho’s birthday, although he pretty much throws the present on Ji Ho’s bed – but they are starting to bond XD).

My favorite part of this entire episode was when Ji Ho got scared of the thunder and went into In Ha’s bed; although In Ha chased him at first in the end he still led Ji Ho sleep together with him.

Ji Ho: I’m really scared. Can’t I sleep here tonight?

In Ha: I don’t want to! I can’t sleep when someone is next to me.

When Ji Ho was going back to his bed, In Ha stopped him saying:

In Ha: Don’t go wandering back and forth. Just be quiet and go to sleep. How can a Hyung be like this?

Ji Ho: Hyung? You just called me hyung, right? Whatever it’s hyung, I like it.

Now, let’s hope the boys will take care one of the other, since their parents are too busy leading a war among themselves.

Thanks to Five Fingers viki subbing team for the English quotes.


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