[Kdrama] ‘The Thousandth Man’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Before actually writing the recap/review I must say: don’t take this drama seriously.  “The Thousandth Man” is the kind of show good to just chill a little after crying your soul out watching (in my case) Five Fingers.

Plot: A fantasy melodrama about a “gumiho” (nine-tailed fox) who can only become human if she eats 1000 human male livers. After consuming 999 male livers, she tries to find the last liver of the male who truly loves her.

– Dramawiki

On her way back to Korea – the plane in witch Goo Mi Jin is, is having turbulences. Another passenger pleads to people around him if they survive, to inform his family that he lived his life until the end (?) – hearing that Mi Jin gets scared and asks the person sitting next to her (more like having his beauty sleep while everything and everyone was in a total chaos around him) to tell her mother that she always wanted to be a human. Kim Eung Suk takes off his sleeping mask (or eye mask – lol I have no idea what that thing is called), Mi Jin has a flashback from hundreds of years ago. Apparently, Eung Suk looked like her husband from Goryeo Dynasty – coming back to reality Eung Suk gets pretty irritated since she disturbed him and goes back to sleep (while the plane was still having turbulences…)

Back on land, Mi Jin’s mum and younger sister, seem more interested if Mi Jin got her thousandth man rather than Mi Jin being in a plane that almost crushed.

Goo Mi Mo (Mi Jin’s younger sister): Are you still waiting for a man that will voluntarily give up his liver because of his profound love for you?
Mi Jin: Of course I’m still waiting. I’m not like you.

The next day, at work, a ‘cute’ guy makes Mi Jin a ‘lovely’ surprise by sticking post its on a building in for of ‘I Love you, Mi Jin ^^’ – but when he wanted to say ‘I love you’ he pretty much mumbled it. Mi Jin doesn’t believe him, so the guy takes her hand and places it on his chest (so she can feel his sincerity …yeah right ) – but apparently at that time his heart was actually slower than normal.

After the incident with the slow-heart dude, Mi Jin’s mother brings up how her younger sister took the liver of 10 men at once – during the Vietnam War, Mi Mo entered the place where hurt soldiers were and because they couldn’t distinguish people, all of them thought Mi Mo was their lover – so she took advantage of the soldiers.

The slow-heart dude goes to Eung Suk’s restaurant and tells him that he wants to make a reservation for his girlfriend who has only 3 more months to live. Eung Suk accepts the dude’s reservation. While him and the restaurant’s cook were preparing the food, Eung Suk notices that something is wrong with his taste buds.

Later, the slow-heart dude prepares another event for Mi Jin were he asked people to dance in front of Mi Jin while she was on the back of a slow-moving car. After the event, the dude askes Mi Jin out at dinner – in Eung Suk’s restaurant. During dinner, slow-heart dude proposes to Mi Jin, but being unsure about his sincerity, she asks the guy if she would’ve had 3 more months to live would he give her his liver. Slow-heart dude gets panicked and goes outside to call a friend.

The dude tells his friend that he should’ve broke up with Mi Jin + other rude stuff about her – Mi Jin hears everything. Heartbroken, the fox goes to a club, from the club she with a guy at a hotel. While the guy was showering she kept asking if he loves her and if he would give her his liver. The dude not really knowing what was going on, keeps playing with her saying that he would give her everything, his liver, heart everything. Hearing that, Mi Jin transform into her real form – a nine tailed fox. The dude gets scared and runs on the streets scared and pretty much ….naked.

Heartbroken….again, Mi Jin goes back to Eung Suk’s restaurant were she keeps talking with him about love and how unfortunate she is. Wanting to get rid of her, because it was kinda late, he gives writes on a napkin “VVIP Goo Mi Jin” and gives it to her saying that she can go to the restaurant whenever she wants to talk.

The next day, Mi Jin takes her mum and younger sister at Eung Suk’s restaurant to celebrate mama fox’s birthday.

This recap was kinda rushed, I’m sorry but normally I don’t know how to start the first episode OTL


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