[Kdrama] ‘Five Fingers’ episode 1-2 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

This is not a recap – it’s more like a personal opinion so far about the first 2 episodes of  ‘Five Fingers’. In the future expect a lot of fangirling posts about Joo Ji Hoon and Ji Chang Wook.

Oh man! It’s been a while in the kdrama land since let’s say a more serious drama aired. I was getting feed up with all the fantasy-time travel-soul changing- dramas.

The plot(s) written on different sites like dramawiki/ AMW are kinda misleading – to put it simple, who liked Baker King Kim Tak Goo and Can you hear my Hear, will love this drama.

The plot it’s pretty similar with most melodramas: The idiot rich father, all of a sudden brings home another child (who by the way, lived until then in poverty but was born with a natural talent in something), the bratty rich kid who gets jealous of the new kid, the wife of the idiot rich dad tries to act nice to the new kid so she can use him to get her revenge on her husband, the new kid thinks of the rich kid as his brother and always does everything for his brother, the rich kid starts to like his new brother. Ah almost forgot, the writer will always please the viewers with lots and lots of BROMANCE!

I’ve read on other sites and recap blog that most (international) viewers also feel sorry for the witch………. wife. My dears, believe me, don’t feel sorry for her, in the next episodes you’ll all start to hate even her tiny fingers.  Most people feel sorry for her because the way the husband treats her, but don’t forget why he is treating her like that. Also, even if the husband treats her like he does, that’s not an excuse to use a child for your petty revenge.

The only people you should feel sorry for, are the two boys who unfortunately, fell between the witch wife and idiot rich dad and their stupid war.  I mean, from the first two episodes you can see how the idiot rich dad uses Ji Ho to annoys his wife by disowning In Ha and giving everything to Ji Ho. Also, the witch plays along, saying how now she has two children. Her cheep motherly-act and the way the idot rich dad treats Ji Ho in front of In Ha makes In Ha hate Ji Ho. And of course from here the boys become rivals. Still, I’m sure along the way, between the boys a strong brotherly bond will take form.

By the way, always believe what the granny says, although some may think she is just crazy, the granny actually says the truth, after all, a few years ago she was in the place of the witch wife.

Tak Goo – Ma Joon combined with Maroo – Dong Joo bromance come to us~



  1. yeay! I also think this drama is a mash up between CYHMH and BKKTG…some scenes really remind me of the two dramas, but I believe FF will show us its own strength that will make us remember it in the future 🙂

    I am among the people who pity YR at first, but after she smashes JH’s prize herself, she just shows her true nature to me. Scary witch, and CSR is doing a good job portraying her! I love to hate the dad too, because he’s so annoying!! Same goes to the grandma. uhhh

    And the two boys! They’re adorable, especially that kid playing JH! Unfortunately we won’t see that much of them…but I’m willing to give in, all for the goodness that’s coming to us~ JJH and JCW ❤

    haha I'm excited to find someone who's watching Five Fingers too . hope you'll continue watching and we can spazz together! 😉

    1. True! They are similar, but how it happened with BKKTG and CYHMH, similar but still had their own flavor – FF is also similar, still it has it’s own flavor. I didn’t liked the mother from the beginning – something was to fishy about her motherly attitude all of a sudden. It’s how the granny said, something that a woman can’t forgive no matter what is her husband bringing home a child of his but with another woman. Somehow I understand her, trying to do everything for her own child but using another one to take revenge is kinda…..In the dad’s case, he is just BOOOOO overall -lol- The kid playing JH reminds me so much about Oh Jae Moo (BKKTG) and Yeo Jin Goo (WBDS). Thank you for your comment, yes it’s nice having someone to talk t about FF and finding different opinions. (^o^)/

  2. I like this drama! Love the twist as well! 😀

    1. Sorry for the late reply – I have a feeling that we’ll cry a lot at this drama but to be honest, I like these kind of dramas more rather than those focused on love relationships. Thank you for your comment!

  3. This Drama very nice..make me crying..:(

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