[Kdrama] ‘I do I do’ episode 1-5 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Annoying drama!

I’m currently having a love-hate relationship with this drama – I hate all the actors (the main ones – no actually hate, more like don’t like them), the story is okay – although this drama is rather boring I just keep coming back, I keep watching it. It has that ‘something’ that makes the viewer wanting to continue watching even through it’s kinda boring – keep in mind, it’s just a personal opinion, this post doesn’t show the opinion of all ‘I do I do’ viewers.

As I already said, I don’t like the actors but somehow along the way I started to like the characters of this show.

Anyway, in the first episode, Hwang Ji An and Park Tae Kang  meet for the first time, an because of some personal problems they go to drink….and of course they get drank – and sleep together.  In the same episode, because of her parents, Ji An has to go to a blind date.

At the blind date she meets a ‘mama’s boy’ doctor, named Jo Eun Sung – actually the doctor acted as a ‘mama’s boy’ because he also went to the blind date ‘forced’ by his parents. Later on, both Ji An and Eun Song confess to each other, that they don’t want to get married and came to the blind date because their parents told them.  After the date, Eun Sung asks Ji An if they can meet in the future, to talk as friends.

In the second episode Ji An finds out that Tae Kang was the one who made imitations of her shoes (actually his father was the one making them, Tae Kang sells the shoes). Ji An takes Tae Kang to the police, and he is arrested – because he didn’t wanted his father to be arrested, Tae Kang took the blame on himself. The nest day, Tae Kang’s father finds out that Tae Kang was arrested and goes to the police station to turns himself – Tae Kang gets released. Tae Kang sells the house to pay the police fine. Because he sold the house, Tae Kang and his father live at a sauna.

Later, Tae Kang sees a poster on the street about a shoe contest – the contest was from Ji An’s company – but he didn’t knew that, anyway he decides to take part of the contest – and he actually wins.

Episode 3 – the winner of the contest can get some money and also can also be hired by the company. After finding out that the winner of the contest is Tae Kang, Ji An tries to convince his to give up on sending his CV to be hired by the company, but he refuses to do how Ji An tells him.

After a few days, Ji An parents got the idea that Ji An and Eun Song will get married, but she wants to tell her parents the truth, that they aren’t getting married. After seeing that Eun Song can make her father laugh, she tells him that once in a while they can meet – by the way Eun Sung kisses her after that – that was soooo cuttteee. Meanwhile Tae Kang was embarrassing himself at the company’s part.

In episode 4 there aren’t a lot happening just – Tae Kang getting bullied by his co-workers, he also sees Yeom Na Ri  crying (she’s the daughter of the company’s president), Tae Kang looses Ji An’s most important shoe design, Ji An lashes hr anger on Tae Kang, Ji An goes to a date with Eun Sung, and because she wasn’t paying attention to him, he takes her to the hospital to see the babies from there.

The next day, Eun Sung invites Ji An at his apartment. Why would a man invite a woman to his apartment? yes you got it right. Anyway, because she didn’t get ti why, her best friend tells Ji An that she needs to buy new lingerie. Eun Sung prepares a beautiful dinner date as his home. But Ji An gets sick and is rushed to the hospital.

In episode 5 Ji An finds out she’s pregnant – and her best friend sets up a meeting at an obstetrician. Yeom Na Ri  knees down in front of her step mother in an elevator, but the hag isn’t moved at all and on top of that the doors of the elevator open and people see Na Ri kneeing down. Tae Kang sees Na Ri crying again and out of the blue she slaps him. Ji An’s parents go to see Eun Sung and give him some foods ‘good for men’.

At night, Na Ri sees Tae Kang swearing on the rooftop, and asks him to learn her how to do that. Ji An goes to Eun Sung and she starts crying – episode ends!

That was just a fast-forward recap for episode 1-5. Now because I have this strong attachment for second leads, of course I like Na Ri and Eun Sung.

I feel so sorry for Na Ri, everyone sees her only as the President’s daughter and forgets about how hard she tried all her life. And let’s not forget that old hag who is her step mother who want’s to make Ji An the Director. I have a feeling that the old hag want’s to give Ji An that position 49% because of her abilities and 51% just to take the company from Na Ri.

As for Eun Sung, I want a husband just like him – he clearly likes Ji An – but she has no feeling for him, even so I want them to end up together – their perfect for each other.

All in all this drama is good to watch while waiting for ‘Big’.

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