[Kdrama] ‘Big’ episode 3-4 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

My feelings…

I love Big, although I normally watch more darkish dramas, but Big is like a breath of air.  I won’t do a recap, more like I want to share my opinion regarding Yoon Jae’s relationship with Da Ran and also my opinion about who I think is Kyung Joon’s father.

But to be honest, regarding Kyung Joon and Da Ran’s relationship, I feel that sometimes Kyung Joon is starting to like Da Ran but she has more like a motherly affection towards him.  Still, I want Kyung Joon and Da Ran to fall in love – come one older girls need a chance too with younger guys, right?

Anyway, regarding Da Ran and Yoon Jae’s relationship – I pretty much fell into the producers/writers trap – I was so confused, but now, after seeing the flashbacks, I strongly believe that Yoon Jae loves Da Ran. For example, the doctor friend tells Da Ran that at his wedding, the only friend of the bride that he wanted to meet was Da Ran:

Doctor male friend: I know everything. Aren’t you lying to Miss Da Ran all this time?The first time Yoon Jae saw you wasn’t when you fell down the steps. (…)
Da Ran: Mr. Yoon Jae kept following me  around that day at the wedding?
Doctor male friend: Of course.Furthermore, he wanted me to introduce a particular friend of the bride to him.

(flashback) Yoon Jae: Gil Da Ran, the friend  that brought the bouquet
Doctor male friend: Why?
Yoon Jae: I kept seeing her, she’s pretty

The cutest part of the flashback was when she entered the elevator holding the bride’s bouquet, and because she was holding it up – so it won’t get messed up since the elevator was full of people – Yoon Jae, who was at the back, put his hand under the bouquet to hold it so it won’t be to tiring to Da Ran – cutttteeee!!

Another cute flashback, was when Da Ran remembered her first kiss with Yoon Jae – actually the only kiss they had OTL, aren’t they a little too rigid …? –

Now, although there weren’t that many hints, I know that Yoon Jae at least liked Da Ran, and their marriage wasn’t just him taking responsibility for the incident from the wedding of their friends. Somehow I’m not hating him anymore – lol – because he didn’t loved Da, I’m hating him because now he is between the soon the happen love story of Kyung Joon and Da Ran.

Now going to Kyung Joon’s story – I have a feeling that Kyung Joon’s father is Yoon Jae’s father – maybe I rushing this but in the same episode Kyung Joon finds out the Yoon Jae’s phone password is his birthday also Yoon Jae’s family will have a gathering on that day. By the way, about the plane ticked that Da Ran and Kyung Joon found – I think Yoon Jae didn’t wanted to go on that family gathering- he didn’t wanted to run from the marriage with Da Ran.

And let’s not forget Kyung Joon’s uncle – while his uncle and his wife were cleaning Kyung Joon’s house, they find some clothes (leather shoes and a formal costume ) and the uncle’s wife asks if maybe Kyung Joon meet his  real father  but then the uncle said that Kyung Joon’s father is in no position of admitting that he is the father of Kyung Joon.

Uncle’s wife aka the witche: Don’t tell me that Gyeong Jun  has met his real dad already?
Uncle: Gyeong Jun’s dad? Even I don’t know where he is.  How can he find him?
Uncle’s wife aka the witche: What if he heard something  from his mom? What if she met him  without us knowing?
Uncle: Gyeong Jun’s dad is not in a position where he can  come out and say that he’s the father.

I am I over thinking this….?

PS: OMG OMG OMG !!! The ending of episode 4 made me expect a soon to be love between Da Ran and Kyung Joon – OMG yes please~~~

still I am a little upset about this, I wanted Kyung Joon to be in this own body when they fall in love – pretty please director, writer, hear the heart of this poor fan !!




  1. I definitely agree with most of what you are saying, although I am at this point still team Yoon Jae. I dunno why, I am usually for the male lead, not second lead, but the second lead is so darn cute in this one and seems honestly like a really good match for her. However, I have only seen 3 dramas where the male lead and female lead didn’t end up together, Dream High, Birdie Buddy, and Coffee House. So they definitely would not be following the norm if they did this, but it’s not been your typical drama so far. But we’ll see how it turns out!!

    1. If I remember correctly in ‘Queen of Reversals’ the lead female ended up with the second male lead. Actually, I’m always cheering for the second lead even if my favorite actor plays the lead character – dunno why but I like more the second leads than the main one. Anyway, Da Ran is too in love with Yoon Jae, well, Kyung Joon gives some signs of falling in love with her – but heey there were only 4 episodes so far so I hope she will fall in love with Kyung Joon. I mean with Kyung Joon she shows a lot of emotions (in his presence) but with Yoon Jae, their relationship was stiff….I mean come on they are getting married and kissed only once…..

      1. Yeah that’s true, but I feel like maybe Kyung Joon’s purpose is to help her to open up. It also seems like she feels like Yoon Jae was too good for her, and maybe Kyung Joon is also supposed to help her see her own self worth. Although I do really like Kyung Joon’s character, he is quirky and energetic, but he’s just so immature for a woman her age. But I just don’t know yet. So excited that an episode aired today, that means I should be able to find it subbed in english somewhere withing the next few hours!!

      2. The hug from the last seconds of episode 4 wasn’t a hug just from a person that helps Da Ran open her eyes to see her true value. True he is a little too playful, but if you remember episode 1 Kyung Joon in his real body had a more cool attitude. AAAAAARRRGGGHHHHH! I’m so confused right now – need to watch episode 5, maybe after that I’ll understand what’s going on – The people from Darksmurf subs it rather fast, maybe today we’ll have episode 5 subbed

      3. No I definitely think that Kyung Joon likes her, but I don’t think Da Ran likes him that way, at least not yet, and I don’t know if she will.

  2. noona_nom · · Reply

    I really hope Gil Teacher will choose Kyung Jun in the end… they were so cute together compare to Gil Da Ran and Dr Seo couple.

    1. I really hope so too, I’m currently at episode 12, but they bodies didn’t change so I’m a little unsettled cuz I’m starting to believe that the writer will change back their souls in the last episode and everything will be rather rushed T_T

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