‘Dream High 2’ better than ‘Dream High’

I’m talking from my point of view.

Why so much hate towards ‘Dream High 2’? People seem to be mistaken about the whole Dream High…. I’ve seen a lot of people hating ‘Dream High 2’ and its cast because apparently Dream High 2 is just a copy of Dream High 1. No my dears no, it’s not a copy. You know why? because Dream High isn’t even an original drama to begin with. I’ve already seen tons of other dramas/films with the same story.

Also, in most of the reviews, people say the same idiotic stuff: they can’t act, it’s just a copy of the first season, I miss the old cast. Ehem ehem! First of all: in the first season, the only good actor was Kim Soo Hyun ( Song Sam Dong) the rest were…. just there.

Acting was awful most of the time. In the second season, except for Kang So Ra (Shin Hye Sung) and surprisingly Jin Woon ( Jin Yoo Jin), the rest are also bad at acting. Still leaving aside the bad acting, both seasons are pretty good. Second, as I already said, Dream High 2 isn’t a copy of Dream High 1 since the story has already been told multiple times. (Similar stories: high scholars dreaming of becoming something, they apparently work hard and in the end they succeed. Oh yeah, they also add some love stories). Third: people you are all way too attached to the old cast. Like seriously!!

Anyway, in the end: if you like the new season watch it, if you don’t like it (mostly because you are a Dream High butthurt fan) then don’t watch it!!

PS: Dream High 1 fans need to chill the f*** down!

PS2: I have a feeling that this season will be better than the first one.

Now, just a small opinion regarding all the ‘love lines’. After seeing episode 5 and 6, I don’t believe that the couples Jin Yoo Hin X Rian and Shin Hae Sung X JB are being formed. At first I did thought it will eventually become like this but, when Jin Yoo Jin and Rian came back and saw Hae Sung and JB together, they acted rather jealous. But yeah, I kinda hope Jin Yoo Jin and Hae Sung will end up together.



  1. i really hate ep 7 and 8 it’s so bad for jiyeon-unnie i want JJ couple back(jiyeon and jB) i really love them ..

  2. abelliya · · Reply

    what ever, they sayy,, I still hope I could kiss one of dream hi 2’s actors

  3. Herman · · Reply

    Regardless of what u say I still Think dream High 1 is better than Dream High 2

    1. This post was made after I saw only a few episodes and it has my personal opinion; Both seasons had its own flavour, good points and bad points. Of course people have various opinions.

  4. syafiklike2pm · · Reply

    jiyeon @ jung jin woon ^_^

  5. Dramacritic · · Reply

    Funny how you are dissing Dream High 1 fan as “butthurt fan” and that they need to chill. Well I think you’re about the same as them, So hyped up about Dream High 2 and dissing Dream High 1.
    I watched both Dream High and yes all of it. In all honesty, I had high hopes for Dream High 2. Didn’t really mind much about the change in cast. I like casts in both series. There are good ones and there are bad ones, but come on they are idols, it was their first time acting, give them a break. However I disagree with you about Dream High 2 being better.
    What I hated about Dream High 2 wasn’t the cast, it was the horrible storyline. It start out promising and then every thing went down hill and never get back up. It’s like the writer just want to mash every possible story line, background, love story and etc together and set it in the school and ohh we have another story. The second one brought out a lot of conflicts but never resolves it. The whole story (if there is a story) is a huge mess. Characters weren’t developed too well (as in the writer didn’t write that character too well.

    Dream High 1 is still and will always be better than the 2nd one. It have a definite storyline and great characters. I came to fall in love with all of them in the end, even Baek Hee. Vs Dream High 2 where the storyline is a bunch of crap and the characters…I end up hating or getting annoyed with most of them. (note that I said the characters not the cast, so don’t go fangirling and get offended)

    You are entitled to your opinion so think what you want but this is the truth.

    1. Thank you for your honest opinion however neither of those two dramas had any impact on me hence I don’t remember anything about the story or its characters.

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