[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 7 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Chan Jin is probably the nicest second lead from all the dramas I’ve seen – and maybe the second in my ‘characters that break my heart’ among second leads (well…..I have a thing for second leads – lol).

Now after, finishing this episode, I’m actually starting to like Jin Joo. I’ve seen that a lot of  ‘Color of  Woman’  viewers/fans don’t like her – but think about it, she actually gives flavor to this drama. If we look beyond the fact that she is a little annoying – Jin Joo and Chan Jin are actually the most complex characters from this drama.

Anyway, now, starting the actual recap:

In the end of episode 6, So Ra receives a dress as a present, after opening the package, she gets a message from Joon Soo:

Joon Soo: The entrace of the amusement park – 8:00 pm. I’ll wait until you come.

So Ra prepares for the date with Joon Soo – adds some makeup here and there, and wears the dress she received (by the way, that’s one ugly dress). To be honest, I’m not really fond of this couple (maybe because I’m a Chan Jin supporter – lol) but we can see clearly their love for each other. Joon Soo runs like crazy at the meeting point, also because there was a traffic jam, So Ra starts running as well towards the meeting point:

Joon Soo: You’re late.
So Ra: I may be a little late, but the person who was late in calling for me is more at fault. You called for me 10 years too late.

Both of them begins to smile – their smiles are so cute and innocent.

On his way home (I suppose), Chan Jin sees Jin Joo and picks her up – apparently only Jin Joo is annoyed by So Ra and Joon Soo’s date – more like Chan Jin teases Jin Joo with the date of the other 2.

Back at the amusement park, Joon Soo asks So Ra if her outfit isn’t a bit too much (she was wearing the dress she received) – So Ra thought Joon Soo wanted her to  wear that dress since he bought it. But Joon Soo says he didn’t bought the dress. Then they start having a teasing-like fight. Inside the amusement park, So Ra wants to ride a thing that goes up and down (sorry I don’t know the name of that thing) but Joon Soo is too scared and tries to run away – So Ra catches his arm:

Joon Soo: I like this position. Should we stay like this for a while?

After hearing what he said, So Ra is embarrassed and let’s go of his arm, but Joon Soo holds her hand – again, they start with a little teasing-like fight – So Ra gets annoyed and tries to free her hand but sunbae doesn’t let her. (aww those to are so cute~).

Back at the other 2, Jin Joo invites Chan Jin in for a cup of tea, but since So Ra was busy lately, she didn’t fed Chan Jin , so he also asks Jin Joo to make some food for him.

Jin Joo: I’m telling you, Chan Jin ssi, you are absessed with the food that So Ra makes for you.
Chan Jin: Because her food taste like the one that was cooked by my mother.
Jin Joo: Then, ask your mother to cook a meal.
Chan Jin: She is dead.

Jin Joo, then says she is sorry for asking – but she doesn’t know anything about him because he seem to have so many secrets. Chan Jin responds by saying that, he knows he has a lot of secrets, but doesn’t want to know about his own secrets cuz he likes his current life.

Chan Jin: If I ever find them all out. I have a strange feeling, it would make things too serious. (…) Right now I’m happy.

In the end, Chan Jin is the one cooking, and Jin Joo is the one ….doing nothing. Because Chan Jin couldn’t find the sesame oil, Jin Joo tells him to try calling So Ra, but he doesn’t want to call her in the middle of her date.

Jin Joo: Chan Jin ssi, call So Ra and just break the mood.
Chan Jin: Don’t you think that Joon Soo sunbae and So Ra were fated to be together?
Jin Joo: I’m against it. Even with magnets, like forces repel each other.In the end, they will end up pushing each other away.
Chan Jin: Are you going to wait until then?
Jin Joo: That’s not my style.
Chan Jin: Just wait.

Jin Joo, gets a little scared of Chan Jin because of his reaction but he says there is nothing to be scared of  and if you want something then you need to learn to wait for it:

Chan Jin: If you really want something, then you need to learn to wait for it. That’s a lesson I learned when I was young.

But, for Jin Joo,  after seeing a total different image of him,Chan Jin is getting scarier.

Jin Joo: The Chan Jin ssi, are you saying that you’re hiding your claws and biding your time?
Chan Jin: Is So Ra the only woman in this world?

Jin Joo, tells him that there are a lot of pretty woman in this world, he just needs to open his eyes – at that moment he made a rather ‘lonely-sad’ head movement (don’t really know how to say it…)

Going back at So Ra and Joon Soo’s date – So Ra wants a big teddy bear, but Joon Soo is really bad at the game so in the end So Ra wins the (extra large) teddy bear by herself.

Joon Soo gets a call from his father – what is really strange here is that his father asks him if Chan Jin agrees with the Special Line, and if Chan Jin agrees with it, then Joon Soo should give it a try.

Chan Jin is still cooking, while Jin Joo tries to figure out who brought the dress for So Ra.

Jin Joo: That dress…it has to have been the Chief who send it, right? If not, who else could have send So Ra a $1500 dress?

Then without realizing he says out loud.

Chan Jin: It wasn’t $1500, it was $2500….

For a second even Jin Joo didn’t realized but after that they both realize what Chan Jin just said:

Jin Joo: You sure do know a lot about the exact cost of that dress.
Chan Jin: Since I have so much interest in dresses.
Jin Joo: Look at this….caught red-handed.

Chan Jin ties to deny it, but Jin Joo says that if he doesn’t admit it, she will call So Ra and Joon Soo and tell them. Agitated, Chan Jin asks Jin Joo to keep it a secret from the others.

Chan Jin: I just wanted to give So Ra confidence as a woman.
Jin Joo: But the price of the gift seems above and beyond the bounds of just friendship.

Joon Soo, tells So Ra that will give her a beautiful memory, so he carries So Ra in his arms on some stair – in front of a lot of people. Before they begin their ‘beautiful-memory’ of course there is a little game of teasing from Joon Soo’s part about So Ra’s weight. Because sunbae’s legs were shaking, So Ra was a little worried that he won’t make it, but still didn’t say a thing and let him continue. At the end, Joon Soo, thanks So Ra for believing in him:

Joon Soo: Thank you. For trusting me and doing what I wanted to do. If you didn’t believe in me and give me the strength to do it, I couldn’t have made it all the way down. It didn’t look like we could do it but ultimately, we made it all the way down the stairs. In the future, let’s also take steps one at a time.(…) I am saying that the path we’re going to take is long and difficult.

When they go to eat, So Ra and Joon Soo act lovey-dovey-bubbly, but to be honest, as someone on viki was saying ‘there’s no spark’ – I mean, they are cute and all, and seems to match, but there something missing in their relationship…

Meanwhile, Chan Jin and Jin Joo were also eating, burnt fired rice.

Jin Joo: Don’t you feel anything after opening your wallet for So Ra? What would you do if So Ra and the Chief really end up together?
Chan Jin: Joon Soo sunbae is the hyung I like the best, and So Ra’s the friend I like the best. If things work out for the two of them, isn’t it somthing to be happy about?

I’m telling you, this guy has the biggest heart of all the second leads. Cheering for So Ra and Joon Soo is one thing, but if So Ra gets to suffer because of Joon Soo:

Chan Jin: I So Ra were to become unhappy…
Jin Joo: Would you jump in and steal her away?

Then he gives a smirk, and says that if So Ra were to be unhappy because of Joon Soo sunbae, he would end up hating/disliking Joon Soo. Jin Joo, is really curious why does Chan Jin like So Ra that much (what is abut her that he likes so much):

Chan Jin: So Ra has loyalty. People think I take care of So Ra, but in reality, So Ra has always taken care of me. During difficult, tough times, So Ra was always by my side. (…) She really resembles someone I know – a lot. I couldn’t protect that person, but I’m going to take care of So Ra.

When, So Ra and Joon Soo, come back home after the date, they spend a little time in the car. So Ra thinks Joon Soo will kiss her, but he starts talking about making a rule between them – when it comes to resolving their differences.

Chan Jin and Jin Joo appear – So Ra asks Chan Jin if she looks pretty:

Chan Jin: Yeah. A lot prettier than I imagined.

Well, Joon Soo (I think) starts suspecting Chan Jin for being the person who send So Ra the dress. When So Ra and Jin Joo talk (a little) about the date, Chan Jin makes again that lonely face that breaks my heart…

Chan Jin comes into Joon Soo’s room, and starts asking about the date:

Joon Soo: Are you interested in my love life because of me, or because of So Ra?

Chan Jin remains silent for a few seconds:

Chan Jin: Of course, it’s because of you!

Joon Soo, continue suspecting Chan Jin, but then he changes the subject and starts talking about how his father likes Chan Jin more than him. Chan Jin that of course the Chairman likes him since the chairman trusts and raised him as his own son. But Joon Soo think that the chairman likes Chan Jin more than him  – his own son. Chan Jin asks if he is jealous, Joon Soo says that this doesn’t make him feel good. Now I’m not sure if Joon Soo hates (hate is a strong word in any case) Chan Jin because of that but certainly he doesn’t like Chan Jin – the atmosphere in the room is a bit scary….

After the whole scary situation, Joon Soo tells So Ra to meet him outside – So Ra doesn’t want Jin Joo to know and Joon Soo doesn’t want Chan Jin to know – so they have a cute game of hide-and-seek – mostly with Jin Joo.

When they get rid of Jin Joo, Joon Soo and So Ra are having a little trouble over a small kiss….. so they decide that when one of them wants to kiss the other to say ‘Jjam-bbong’ – in the end they still don’t get to have their small kiss.

In the morning we see the couple sleeping with their phones on them because they spend all night talking ….

Now don’t get me wrong, their relationship doesn’t have that sparkle – it’s rather plain. And no, it has nothing to do with me favoring Chan Jin, it’s just that something is missing.

Thanks to ‘Color of Woman’ subbing team @viki for the English quotes/parts


  1. Thanks for the recap! And you’re right, though they may be trying to act all cute together, this couple just doesn’t have that great of a chemistry…

  2. owh, i love this drama so much… more interested to chan jin’s feeling than joon soo…
    hope so ra and chan jin will be a romantic couple,,,yaay…chan jin is cuttie one,,love him. haha…
    can’t wait for the next recap…

    1. I hope that too, but normally, in Kdramas, the lead girl won’t end up together with the second lead male – normally they end up together with the main lead male or they just die. But still looking forward to more of Chan Jin’s story – he seems to hide a lot of things

  3. As usual, thanks for the great recap!
    I agree that there is just no fire in the relationship between So Ra and Joon Soo. They seem to be so clinical and rules-oriented that I almost agree with Jin Joo that they are too similar to last (or progress). Neither of them seems to know how to proceed. They are supposed to be in their late twenties or early thirties and their relationship is so stunted! If Joon Soo came back for So Ra, he needs to be a little more aggressive, I think…
    It doesn’t help that I love Chan Jin to bits and think his character is far more nuanced and complex, and that Joon Soo comes off as shallow in comparison… second lead syndrome is bad… And now I’m so nervous that they are going to something dark and bad with Chan Jin’s storyline to make him more villainous… I’m praying not though…. let us hold hands and pray…. 😛

    1. It’s like Joon Soo and So Ra are stuck in the past and think they love each other – from my point of view that’s only in their head, the heart doesn’t have any love. Since in the past there wasn’t also any progress with their relationship so they are trying to make that progress now, I mean this relationship is kinda …dry – but this is just a small conclusion I came up with from the episodes so far. As for Chan Jin I want to know more about his past – I think I’m more interested in Chan Jin’s past than in Joon Soo-So Ra as a couple.

      As always, thank you for reading, and commenting ^O^

  4. They should do a main-lead switcheroo, like Queen of Reversals did. The moment the producers realized that Park Shi-hoo had more charm and spark, they had the drama extended and had PSH’s character win the girl.

    They should do the same here, especially since… if So Ra and Joon Soo were to end up together, that would mean that Chan Jin and Jin Joo would end up together. And Chan Jin’s way too good for Jin Joo…. Needless to say, like you, I’m a Chan Jin – So Ra shipper.

    1. Somehow, after episode 5 I started thinking that the writer and the producer have something big in their sleeves prepared for Chan Jin. His character is way better outlined compared with the others + between him and So Ra there is a flame/spark compared to So Ra- Joon Soo …at least from his part there is, proof the way he looks at So Ra. If you remember, at the park when So Ra was holding that big bear, she said something like ” If Chan Jin was here, he would’ve carried the bear without asking him to do so” ( OK here I may be thinking tooooo faarrr)

      Thank you for reading and commenting ^ ^

  5. pleaseee recap for episode 8..please please pleasee

    1. posting it soon

  6. what was the backround song that was playing ehilr sora and joonsoo were eating? its was in eenglish 😛

    1. Sorry, not sure, so I’ll let your comment here, maybe someone else knows – if someone knows please give a reply to her ^o^ thank you

  7. Omo. I thought i was being a bias about the whole joon-soo/sora pair by preferring sora to end up with chanJin!! I’m not alone! Somthing is actually missing between joon soo and sora. Like there’s no spark /: why why why

    1. Welcome to our ‘Chan Jin-So Ra’ fan club lol ^O^
      I’m still hopping~ there are still a lot of episodes to air, who know what will happen *fingers crossed*

  8. Agree with everyone. Jun-Su is way too stiff, and he always seems too stressed by his job, even when he’s with Sora. Where is the fluid, earnest Jae Hee of Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang?!

    1. Maybe he’s still not used with the camera, after army release.
      Somehow his stiff-ines gives some flavor to the character but I still want So Ra and Chan Jin to end together

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