[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 6 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Dear God, please give me Chan Jin,  I promise I’m gonna keep him worm ….in my pocket. Oh! fellow Chan Jin ( and Chan Jin-So Ra couple) fans, this episode is pure fan service!

– Sorry for being late with this post, I was a little busy, fainting from to much cuteness –

So now: START

Do you guys remember how episode 5 ended (I sure do remember) – It ended when Chan Jin & Jin Joo were telling So Ra respectively  Joon Soo: “Start again, with a new person”. So Ra isn’t sure about it since she doesn’t want to beg for dating nor love but Chan Jin asks why does she consider love as begging. So Ra response, saying  she loves to work and that she has friends so there’s nothing to feel bad about.

Chan Jin: You don’t envy married people?
So Ra: After being married for a year, I heard they envy single people. Don’t you read the statistics? This is common knowledge.

Because, it seems that So Ra still doesn’t get it, Chan Jin changes the strategy:

Chan Jin: Just going back and forth from work and home, the only men you meet are me and Joon Soo sunbae. You said, “No, thank you” to Joon Soo sunbae. Then you have no one else, but me.
So Ra: You’re right, I have no one else than you. It’s that not okay?
Chan Jin: Then what if…I get married?
So Ra: If you …get married?

I love this part so much, he’s so nervous about what she’ll say, but of course So Ra has to be simple minded when it comes to Chan Jin:

So Ra: By then, there’d be someone else next to me.
Chan Jin: By your side? Who? Poodle or chihuahua, or some cat.

After hearing Chan Jin, So Ra get’s annoyed and begins to eat – and Chan Jin watches her with a dumb (but cute~) smile on his face – Oh yeah, and a song is on the background, something like “uuuuuuu aaaaaa uuuuhhuuuu aaaaa uuuuuu aaaahhaa”. Also, continuing having a dumb smile, Chan Jin  removes the crumbs from her mouth- by the way, I died here!

Back at the office   – Chan Jin and So Ra are working in Chan Jin’s office (remember in another episode, Joon Soo wanted Chan Jin and So Ra to form a team for a special line). So Ra was reading some documents, but tells Chan Jin that even after reading that document many times, she still doesn’t understand it. Chan Jin moves besides her:

Chan Jin: Is there something that Byun So Ra doesn’t understand?

Then he stares again at So Ra and the ” uuuuuu aaaaa uuhhuuu aaaaa uuuu aaaahhaa ” song starts playing. So Ra turns her face at him, and he becomes all nervous and looks (fast) in another part.

So Ra: What are you looking at?
Chan Jin: You.
So Ra: Me?
Chan Jin: Yes, you.
So Ra: Why?
Chan Jin: Just because. Although we’ve benn together for a long time, I don’t think I’ve ever looked at you closely.
So Ra: True. You were busy looking at other women’s faces. Ok, look closely, I’m pretty up close, right?
Chan Jin: Yes, you are pretty. Prettier that I thought.

She becomes irritated, and hits him (friendly hit) – he giggles like a high schooler saying:

Chan Jin: I’m the right one for you, don’t you know?

Now, someone smart told me once, that when a boy tells a  girl ‘I like you the most’ (or stuff like that) as a joke, he actually means it. Why do I always like the second lead character – they never get the girl – or can I still hope they’ll end up together?

When So Ra, asks Chan Jin if he wants to sleep with her, he starts to cough saying:

Chan Jin: What kind of girl are you that you’re so direct?
So Ra: I was just kidding. But still, did you have to suffocate?
Chan Jin: Once you start dating, you feel the desire to sleep together. Do you date a woman because you want to sleep with her?
So Ra: Whatever! I know your entire history of dating women. How dare you lie to me?

They start to have like a little teasing-lovely-bubbly fight, that’s when Joon Soo appears and watches them having that cute teasing-like fight.

When he returns to his office, Joon Soo asks Jin Joo to look after a suitable present for a member of the board ( the second shareholder) 30 years wedding anniversary. Jin Joo starts talking in her mind about how she will work hard to move Joon Soo’s heart. While Jin Joo, was to busy day-dreaming about a big diamond ring – the director and deputy section chief Song appear – deputy section chief Song gives Jin Joo some documents to translate from English to Korean – but Jin Joo’s English isn’t good. She goes to Chan Jin to seek help, but Chan Jin is apparently good at everything but (just) a bit week at English, but tells her that there is only one person good at everything.

So Ra, translates the documents in an instant (well, not really an instant – but really fast in any case) – Jin Joo goes to give Joon Soo the documents thinking that this way (showing her diligent way of working – with the work done by someone else) she will move Joon Soo’s heart. Unfortunately for Jin Joo, he still remembers So Ra’s handwriting.

Everyone from So Ra’s team leaves, and Joon Soo gives a call to So Ra, while he watches her from the back.

Joon Soo: Where are you?
So Ra: I’m at the bus stop.
Joon Soo: Why didn’t you come at lunchtime?
So Ra: I was busy.
Joon Soo: (….) So let’s meet. Let’s have dinner and discuss it then. (discussing something about work).
So Ra: I have an appointment.

Then (cute) Chan Jin appears, because she asked him to help her with some work related stuff, he starts acting like a spoiled child (acts as if he doesn’t want to help her, but in the end he still helps her) and they act cutely-lovely-bubbly with each other again ( of course I die again).

At the library, Chan Jin sleeps (lol – his posture is so cute – and I died for the third time, or was it forth?). Because Chan Jin was too sleepy, they go outside to drink something warm – but So Ra is getting cold – wait wait waaaaaiiitt, did you all think that Chan Jin took off his coat and gave it to So Ra? Well no, he didn’t but he held her under his arm (yep, I died for – don’t remember how may times I dies already).

Meanwhile, Jin Joo tells Joon Soo that the heater from So Ra’s house broke, Joon Soo invites her in his house to give her something work to drink.  When he offers Jin Joo some tea, she ‘mistakenly’ drops the tea on her leg (by the way, she was wearing a mini skirt). Joon Soo tries to help , but becomes to nervous, and tells her that he can repair the heater.

After finishing the work they had to do, So Ra and Chan Jin goes at that restaurant/coffee shop they always go to eat. There, everything they order, the boss/owner refuses to make with the excuse ‘I ran out of it’ – so he returns with a pizza that has a shape of a hear drawn on it. (I must say that man is like a dating encyclopedia). Anyway, Chan Jin and So Ra remember that the first thing they eat together was also a pizza – they also remember all the stuff they made together all this time:

Chan Jin: Ah! There’s one thing we didn’t do.
So Ra: What was it?
Chan Jin: Kiss!
So Ra: Since you brought it up, let’s just get it over with.

Because those 2 are extremely cute – they start teasing each other again.

On TV, there is a news about introducing a two-story train in Korean, and So Ra wants to see the news better (have a better view of the tv) moves near Chan Jin – and he starts staring at her – oh yeah let’s not forget about “uuuuu aaaaa uuuuhhaa aaaa uuuuu aaaahhaa” song. So Ra notices him:

So Ra: Stop looking, when you can’t even kiss.

He continues to stare at her lips ( dude, you’re breaking my heart – you won’t get the girl, at least make a move now, when she’s still free)

On their way home, Chan Jin asks:

Chan Jin: What would you have done if I had really kissed you?
So Ra: You weren’t going to do it anyway.
Chan Jin: You are and important person to me. That’s why.
So Ra: Okay, I’m precious like a mom, grandmother and a sister.Are you pitying me.
Chan Jin: No, it’s sincere.
So Ra: If you’re being sincere, then definitely stop. Your jokes are getting tiring.

And with the pretext that is cold, Chan Jin gives So Ra a hug (a long one – and I died)

Chan Jin: Dating is begging? Kissing is pitying? There rotten guys, what exactly did they do  to you.

That long hug continues until, Jin Joo and Joon Soo came outside, Joon Soo sees them hugging and gets all annoyed and pissed.

While, Chan Jin was sleeping in his room, Joon Soo comes and jumps on him (that must’ve hurt) asking what was he doing with So Ra. Chan Jin says that the 2 of them had to work together all night.

Chan Jin: But hyung, ar you really planning to start over again with So Ra?

Joon Soo doesn’t respond to his question or more like avoided  the question.

During the night, we see Chan Jin unable to sleep having a worried face, Joon Soo in deep thoughts, Jin Joo trying to become smarter so she can move Joon Soo’s heart and So Ra working but at the same time in deep thoughts.

The next morning, when Joon Soo comes to work, he sees So Ra in his office …? No! it’s actually Jin Joo dressed as So Ra / in So Ra’s clothes. Anyway, Jin Joo shows the present she thought for the 3oth anniversary of the second shareholder – it was a dress and a fur coat.

Jin Joo: Women are women even it they get old. Even if she just stared at it hanging in her closet, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled.

Before she leaves, Joon Soo asks her where is the most romantic place fr a date – of course she things they’ll gonna have a date….So Ra finds out that Joon Soo wants to buy her patern for the special line, but So Ra feels offended because she wants to be recognized for her work.

Joon Soo: You were my girlfriend 10 years ago…Do you want me to say that? If that’s wat you want, I’ll do it.
So Ra: You wouldn’t be able to.
Joon Soo: If you ask me to, I will. Then will you start over again with me?

Joon Soo writes on the company’s site (you know that message board, where they normally leave gossips):

Joon Soo: This is Chief Yoon Joon Soo. The rumors that have been going arounf about me are not true. (talks about the special line). Lastly, I’ll say one more thing.  My love, which has long been in pause mode, I will start it up at the same time (with the special line). If that person will agree.

After the whole message thing, So Ra finds on her desk a present – it was the dress Jin Joo showed to Joon Soo as an anniversary gift.

Thanks to Color Of Woman subbing team @viki for the English parts/quotes.

– sorry for posting this recap so late –


  1. Loved it! Thanks again for your recaps. I actually wish they had switched the actors for the 1st and 2nd male leads. The actor who plays Chan Jin is so expressive and can emote so well with just his eyes (doesn’t hurt that he’s ridiculously hot as well!) :0) – he could probably play the lead character with more emotion. I think the actor who plays Joon Soo is great as well, but he seems like a more funny than emotional actor and he could probably play the 2nd male well. Either way, this show is super cute and addictive. Thanks, Thanks! :0)

    1. I agree – he can express emotion with just his eyes – at some point it really breaks my heart especially when he looks at So Ra. It will be nice, until the end, to see a turn of events – So Ra and Chan Jin ending up together.

      Thank you again for reading! Glad you enjoy my recaps ^o^

  2. i really like this kdrama…..please continue to make the recaps………:-)
    i want to know next episode…..

  3. i’m soooo much in love with chan jin.. i really hope that he will end up with sora..

  4. hanna1806 · · Reply

    I hope that there’ll be a twist at the end and sora will end up with chan jin!!!! Watch this because of Jae Hee at first but but sora-chan jin couple is just too lovely!!!!

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