[Kdrama] ‘Padam Padam’ episode 1 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

I have no idea what I just saw. Seriously I don’t know how to start this…. first of all Kim Bum is an angel – an actual angel.

Until now, I hated Kim Bum – after seeing him in Boys Over Flowers, I tried to avoid every drama where he appeared. Now I can proudly say: I love (angel) Kim Bum! Why did I started to like him now? Who on this Earth can resist to A lovely puppy – I sure can’t.

Yang Kang Chil (Jung Woo Sung ) & Lee Gook Soo (Kim Bum)  are allowed to step outside the prison for 72 hours – so they go to Seoul. On their way to the bus stop, Gook Soo keeps holding Kang Chil’s hand – witch I think it’s extremely cute in this situation, but if I were to see to 2 guys holding hands on the street it will be rather ….strange? In Seoul, they get into a train/subway – the train is crowded, even so Gook Soo still holds Kang Chil hand because apparently he can’t be separated of his hyung.

Anyway, as I was saying the train was crowded, and because of that people were pushing Kang Chil into a girl (Jung Ji Na  played by Han Ji Min). At some point, unintentionally, he puts his leg between her legs (lol have no idea how to write this part – but mostly that’s how it happened) and of course she thought something else (well, anyone will think something else, right?).

When the train reaches a stop, Ji Na get’s off from the train and kicks Kang Chil in his…..’babies’ with her bag. When the doors close, Gook Soo tells Kang Chil:

Hyung, you met the woman you’re destined to be with.

Somewhere along the way Kang Chil ‘loses’ Gook Soo, and goes into town to be a free man. In the afternoon (or night not really sure) Kang Chil want’s to go to visit someone, but on his way he seems a girl and a dude fighting – the girl (by the way, the girl was Ji Na) was saying that the dude stole a puppy from another girl (it seems that the dude was a thief of expensive dogs). Kang Chil remembers that the girl was actually the same girl from the train and somehow helps her save the dog. At some point he acts really crazy ….

Moving on, the next day, Kang Chil goes to a temple to visit Yim Su Mi (she was a girl he knew before entering prison) but he finds out that Su Mi was dead. A woman from that temple, tells him that he and Su Mi had a baby together, but he doesn’t believe it and leaves raging. At that moment, a boy (actually he is a teenager) appears, and it seems the boy is Kang Chil’s, but he still doesn’t want to believe it, so he leaves. After he left from the temple, the same boy appears again, and shows Kang Chil a picture of him and Su Mi (the boy’s mom) but Kang Chil says ” There’s no way you’re my son!” – after that the boy spits Kang Chil – then Kang Chil spits the boys as well? ( they do seem like father and son if you ask me).

After the whole thing with his son, Kang Chil runs to catch the bus, but at that moment, a car crashes into him –  the driver was the girl from the train – Ji Na. (now that’s what you call fate?)

Kang Chil wakes up at the hospital and leaves without anyone noticing. Outside the hospital, he receives a call from a guy named Chan Gul – who is the real killer of the crime Kang Chil was accused of.

The next day, Kang Chil and Gook Soo reunites – more like Gook Soo finds Kang Chil – and they head back to the prison. On their way, Gook Soo talks about some stars and how he can draw white stars for Kang Chil.

Gook Soo: You get 15,000 white stars for saving someone’s life. But as for you, hyung, you only have 6,000 white stars from the good deeds you’ve done. But you have over 5,920 black stars from the bad deeds you’ve done. So if you subtract the black stars from the white stars, there basically isn’t much left. You definitely wouldn’t even be able to take a look around heaven.
Kang Chil : Who do you think you are? The white stars that you draw can get me to heaven? Who do you think you are?
Gook Soo: An angel.
Kang Chil: You’re crazy.

Back in the prison, another convict tries to make Kang Chil fight him but thanks to Gook Soo who reminds he that they have only a few days until they will be released, Kang Chil calms down and doesn’t fight. But when the prisoners where doing their exercises outside, the same convict still tries to annoy Kang Chil. Unfortunately, Kang Chil gives in, and starts fighting. When a guard tried to stop them, Kang Chil pushes the guard who falls with his head on a steel pole and dies. Kang Chil is convicted with death penalty.

At his death penalty they ask him if he want’s to say a prayer, but he says he doesn’t pray, and then they hang him up – in that moment the last days of his life re-run in his ‘mind’ and he finds himself into the prison’s showers. Kang Chil tells Gook Soo:

Gook Soo, I feel really strange.I already died. Clearly… clearly I died. Why am I here? Gook Soo, why am I like this?

All in all, I feel that this drama is going to be a must watch! Cable televisions from South Korea, thank you for making my winter vacation even better by bringing me these beautiful dramas (Me Too Flower, Padam Padam and Color of Woman).

Thanks for the English parts to Darksmurf.


  1. I just came upon your review. I just started watching “Padam Padam” while waiting for more subs for “Color Of A Woman.” It’s so weird cause I am planning to watch “Me Too, Flower” after “Padam Padam!” I also briefly looked through your more recent blogs and I have to agree with you on “Warrior Baek Dong Soo.” It was my favorite drama for 2011 as well. I still can’t get over the tragic ending for Yeo Woon. My older sister loved “Princess Man” but I haven’t checked it out yet. But yeah, you and I sure have good tastes!

    1. I love so much that drama – hope more people will see it. At first I didn’t wanted to watch it since I’m not a big fan of historical dramas, but now, because og Baek Dong Soo, I’m actually enjoying historical dramas.
      I’ve seen Princess Man, I liked it but there was something missing, don’t know what, just that it gave me that feeling of ‘something is missing’. Haven’t finished Padam Padam, but it is somehow different from all the new dramas – so far enjoying it.
      As for Me too Flower, watched it because of Yoon Si Yoon (loved him in Baking King Kim Tak Goo) – but didn’t really liked the actress, her acting was kinda awkward – still, the story is nice.

    2. Also – THANK YOU – for reading and commenting (^O^)/

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