[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 4 ~ review/recap/opinion ~

Some ‘Color of Woman’ fans may hate me but I want to see more interaction between So Ra and Chan Jin – at least let me dream that there will be more interaction between them ….

Anyway – episode 3 ended when, So Ra sees Jin Joo and Joon Soo coming out from the same house (Joon Soo’s house). Joon Soo tries to explain So Ra that nothing happened. Although, as everyone already knows, I am rooting like crazy for Chan Jin, I must confess, I also love how Joon Soo tries to explain himself in front of So Ra.

At the company, Joon Soo’s secretary tells him there is an event in Chong Soon district – now he and Chan Jin remember that during their collage days they had a MT in that district. Joon Soo goes to the director to tell her that he will go to the event in Chong Soon. After Joon Soo leaves her office, deputy section chief Song says she and So Ra should go with Joon Soo because apparently So Ra “has a special knack for ruining things”.

During their trip, thinking that deputy section chief Song was asleep, Joon Soo asked So Ra if she remembers Chong Soon district, So Ra says he remembers but acts as she wouldn’t care/doesn’t give big importance.

Joon Soo: Because I had wanted to ride a time machine and go back 10 years with you
So Ra: what for?
Joon Soo: that time when we took those fresh-as-baby-chicks on our MT trip….time does fly
There was one baby chick that I had my eyes on. She wasn’t very pretty or even cute. but she squawked really loud and was super smart. One that was brash, had no manners, and hated to lose in anything.
So Ra: Stop it, none of that stuff from the past is interesting at all.

He also starts explaining (again) to So Ra that between him and Jin Joo nothing happened.

And well, because So Ra and Joon Soo left on that trip, Jin Joo and Chan Jin spend a lot of time together.

Jin Joo: until now, I’ve never once been ‘just friends’ with a man. To be honest, there have been many times watching you and So Ra when I have been jealous. You know, no matter how good a person is, oncec you’ve dated, you become enemies.(….)
Chan Jin: It’s thanks to So Ra, you know. She makes it so that there is no self-interest at all.
Jin Joo: do you think it’s possible for you and I to be like you and So Ra, and be ‘cool’ friends?

I thought that because they started to spend so much time together, those 2 will fall in love (?) but they pretty much spend their time together talking about So Ra and Joon Soo.
Back to So Ra, Joon Soo and deputy section chief Song’s trip to Chong Soon – because deputy section chief Song’s parents were living in Chong Soon district, they left her at her parents house (she wanted to visit them).
And, what happens next? You know, the normal, a man, a woman and an apparently broken (?) car. So Ra and Joon Soo go to a motel. But wait, Joon Soo actually called the owner of the motel before, and told to do some ‘stuff’ (you’ll see when you watch the episode). When they arrive at the motel, So Ra asks for 2 separate rooms. but when she enters, her room was a mess and on top of that there was a stinky smell in the room. So she runs into  Joon Soo’s room and kicks him out saying that she wants that room.
In the mean time, Chan Jin and Jin Joo spend some time together drinking wine….wine, wine and talking about So Ra and Joon Soo.
So Ra calls Joon Soo, after she kicked him out of his room (lol) but she finds him outside the room (faking) passed out. They both enter the room, and start talking about what happened that time – in collage when he run away saying ‘I don’t want to sleep with you’.
Chan Jin and Jin Joo drink more wine.
Back to So Ra and Joon Soo, finally these 2 talk out about what happened that time. Because he was too nervous, Joon Soo ran away but he actually said ” Not yet, I don’t want to sleep with you”. Unfortunately, at that moment a car was passing by, so So Ra heard only the “I don’t want to sleep with you” part.
Joon Soo: it wasn’t because of you, it was beause I was scared.
So Ra: It was a memory that was embarrassing and hurtful, and one that I never wanted to think about again. But what is it? ” Not yet”? It’s really unbelievable….
Joon Soo: how do you think I felt? Do you know how pathetic and ashamed I was of myself for running away? That’s why it was that much harder for me to talk about it. But all you did was avoid me…
So Ra: it’s because I thought you really didn’t want anything to do with me. Thanks to you, I’ve always thought that I was so unattractive that men would run away from me. That’s the unerasable image I had of myself. It’s haunted me.
Joon Soo: that day’s memory has always haunted and followed me, too. I felt like a fool and I felt sorry.
Chan Jin and Jin Joo drink even more wine. Chan Jin checks his phone all the time saying “If she’s going to be late, why doesn’t she call?” – remember in my previous post, I said that he loves her but doesn’t want other to know, but now I think  he still didn’t figured out how much he likes So Ra.
Seeing Chan Jin and Jin Joo, they seem more like licking their each others wounds. All they did was drinking wine and convincing themselves that nothing happened between So Ra and Joon Soo. At a moment, their discussion reach the point that ‘So Ra is special’ and Chan Jin thinks:
Why didn’t I know all this time that So Ra was special?
After that, Chan Jin and Jin Joo continue worrying and of course drink more wine.
In the morning, Chan Jin and Jin Joo, eat breakfast but at the same time looking desperate on the window for So Ra and Joon Soo’s return. When So Ra and Joon Soo arrive, Chan Jin and Jin Joo run like crazy after them asking if something happened yesterday and when Joon Soo and So Ra told them that nothing happened – they where relived.
Big thanks to the people from PERVERTS II @ viki.com for making the translations


  1. BIG THANKS FOR THE RECAP!! I searched a lot and couldnt believe my eyes when i found ur blog recapping this endearing drama…thanks again(p.s.i root for the second lead like crazy as well :P)

    1. Thank you for your comment and for reading/visiting my blog – I appreciate it. (⌒▽⌒) Haha yes I’m rooting like crazy for Chan Jin (for some reasons, most of the time, I end up rooting for the second lead – there are a few dramas were I actually root for the lead character).
      Again thank you for reading, have a good day! ^ ^

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