[Kdrama] ‘Color of Woman’ episode 1 ~ opinion and gifs ~

Hey there handsome ♡

First of all I want to take a moment to thank those who spend their time translating this drama: Thank you for your hard work!

Finally something I can really enjoy. The first episode was enough to make me love this drama – I’m seriously expecting a lot from ‘Color of a woman’.

A drama that contrasts a woman who succeeds with knowledge and reason and a woman who weaponizes appearance and sensitivity.

Byun So Ra comes from an ordinary background, but she works very hard. She is then betrayed by her boyfriend and her dreams of becoming a professor fails. Byun So-Ra then joins a cosmetics company and she also meets a rival with whom she clashes in this cosmetics company.

Jae Hee will play the leading man, Yoon Joon Soo. His character is a good looking, smart, and talented chaebol, as he’s the head of this cosmetics company.

Yoon So Yi as Byun So Ra

Yoon So Yi as Byun So Ra

Some of you may know her from ‘Warrior Baek Dong Soo’ where she played the role of Jin Joo. I personally, love Yoon So Yi and I’m really happy to see her as a leading character.

Byun So Ra is rather a woman who people take advantage  of –  she’s like the outcast of the class. Well people consider her ugly, but I consider only her hair style ugly.

She lets herself being used by others – but at the same time, So Ra has strong principles.

Lee Soo Kyung as Hwang Jin Joo

Lee Soo Kyung as Hwang Jin Joo

Hwang Jin Joo, is the kinda of woman who thinks only of men – as she said her only dream are men (lol). At first I thought of Jin Joo and So Ra as rivals BUT these 2 have the kind of friendship where they can fight with each other but other people can’t say something bad about one of them cuz the other one will defend her.

Shim Ji Ho as Kang Chan Jin

Shim Ji Ho as Kang Chan Jin

Chan Jin and So Ra are apparently friends (?)  Although for now it seem that Chan Jin is taking advantage of So Ra, we all already know that he will fall in love with her (or at leas I want to see him falling in love with her) – even so, I don’t think he will get the girl.

I love this scene where Chan Jin is somehow fascinated (?) by what So Ra was saying (this girl really has some strong principles) – I’m soooo looking forward to more scenes of these 2 ~

Jae Hee as Yoon Joon Soo

Jae Hee as Yoon Joon Soo

Well, I don’t want to say anything about him – since I already choose my favorite male character – lol.

village idiots

village idiots

The village idiots -in every drama there are village idiots, right.

All in all, ‘Color of Woman’ – from my point of view – is definitely a must watch – I didn’t say a lot about the action in this drama, but better see it for yourself.



  1. Color of Woman got me on the first episode, too. And who seriously wouldn’t love Chan Jin?! I hope to see him more in dramas.

    1. Exactly, how can someone not like him! ^O^ Until new projects I want to start some of his older shows – hope I’ll find some time 😀

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