~Kdrama~ “White Christmas” review!

The best Korean drama of 2011 – as for now – it’s “White Christmas” – or at least that’s what I think. Honestly, at first I was like: ” it’s a mini series and on top of that it’s full with models, not actors” (I really love those models but they are models after all), I seriously didn’t think that I will come to like this one. But being on summer vacation, and, well, having nothing to do,I watched it !! AND I DON’T REGRET WATCHING THIS DRAMA BECAUSE IT WAS THE BEST DRAMA!!!!

So, because I was thinking that being a drama full of models it will turn to be a waist of time, but man I was so wrong. Those models sure KNOW how to act. I’m serious, they were better than most of the actors now days. Also, the camera crew knows  how to do their job, I mean, even if the models didn’t know how to act, how to play their characters (witch it wasn’t the case here)  the shoots/landscapes can make the viewers fall in love with this show.

After 8 days, walk up the path by the zelkova tree. Under the clock you will see….someone dead.

Plot (from dramawiki:

“Kim Yo Han is a psychiatrist who gets involved in a serial murder when his car broke down on Christmas Eve during a sudden storm and he is forced to take shelter at a private high school. Seven students and a teacher are also there over the winter break, but they are gradually murdered one by one as they receive letters from a killer who wants revenge for the death of his mother and sister. ”

OK, this plot (made by the ones at dramawiki) is wrong,  but in a good way – I can’t really say more because I will spoil the fun of this drama – so watch it and then tell me why I said that this plot was wrong.

I think I should say a few words about the actors (models) – I will try not to say to much so that I won’t give spoilers for free (lol).

“You took the only thing I had and put it around your neck”

This character was more like ‘the nice guy’/ the hero. I don’t really know what to say about him (because I liked the models more). I’ve seen him in Damo and Stairway to Heaven, I was a little surprised to see him in this drama – I know the voice, but I couldn’t recognize him – he really grew a lot – physically and in terms of acting. Somehow, he also had a few flaws, like exaggerating. But he was good.

“You tainted me, made me pitiful”

Some may recognize him from 2ne1’s Park Bom music video. He also played in Take Care of the Young Lady he was one of Yoon Eun Hye’s 3 butlers.

My favorite character. I was blown away by his acting. He is an GREAT actor. I will definitely  keep my eyes on him.

“You made me a monster in the corner”

He was my favorite model, watched this drama for him but dear Soo Hyuk, I’m really sorry, other 3 models just took your place in my top. T_T

“I held out my hand and you let go”

He was good. His character annoyed my in one episode (won’t tell why) but that made the drama even more fun to watch.

I LOVE HIM !!! and I also love his role – the way he grew with each episode – wow. Another rising actor.

I couldn’t believe this was the first time he played in a drama/a role. He acted really good. I was impressed – with to see him in more dramas in the future. PS: love him (part 2)

“You deleted me from your eyes”

I think some of you may know him from Lie to me. (witch ended last week).

Love him. part 3. Here he was great (in lie to me he acted a little awkward – but in this wan he was great).

That’s all, can’t say more because it will spoil the fun – PLEASE WATCH THIS DRAMA – it’s a good break from all those ‘i love you, i can’t live without you, oh noo my mother/sister/brother.aunt won’t let us be together for life” kind of drama.

Soooo, be sure to WATCH IT, if you don’t the monster in this drama will hunt you down.

PS: because of the first 2 episodes I was a little scared to sleep, considering the fact that I watched them at 1 in the morning.

The ending was WOOOW. You won’t even think about that kind of ending – wasn’t expecting that – I’m still WOOOOW-ing when I thing about it.

To sum this post: White Christmas  definitely my favorite drama. Watch it, you won’t regret watching this show.

Also the OST is great!!




  1. when I see someone spazzing about this, I have the urge to join. hehe.
    true, this drama is one of the best and I never thought I’d be watching drama with this genre! the actors are great (and handsome ^^), the frames are always beautiful and the story/plot is super addictive. I’ve never fully recovered from this, even listening to the OST gives me chills.

    sorry for the rant ^^; another thing I like about the casts is they’re so bubbly behind the camera. cute!

    1. Don’t worry – it’s nice having another person to rant with (especially since it’s about White Christmas) – totally agree with you. At first I wasn’t sure about it – I mean 80% are models – now after watching it, they all act way better than most of the actors nowdays.Kim Yeong Kwang is the second lead male character in Bachelor’s Vegetable Store – so excited to see him again

      1. that’s one of the reasons why I’m going to give BVS a try although there are mixed reactions about it..kim young kwang! are you watching vampire idol? three of the casts (soo hyuk, jong hyun, hyun joong) here have a sort of reunion there. I keep comparing their characters in WC and VI, and ended up laughing to myself. VI is so hilarious!

      2. Unfortunately I’ve seen only 3 episodes – lately I’m into Color of Woman. Those 3 are such good actors, I kinda want to see them in something else rather than a sitcom – but still that show is like a breath of air. As for BVS, Ji Chang Wook is in it (he’s my favorite actor) as much as I like KYK – gonna watch it for JCW first lol – though at the same time I want to see KYK’s growth as an actor.

  2. I don’t even started yet ^^; waiting for any kind soul that would sub it.. I watched Tree with Deep Roots for Joong Ki,but ended up loving Soo Hyuk’s badass personality there hehe

  3. I kinda wanna watch this drama cus I just finished watching School 2013 and both Kwak Jung Wook and Kim woobin are both in these 2 dramas. (My favorites) So I got excited, but i found out it was a thriller so.. I dont no if i should watch it.. I absolutely hate scary stuff.. pls help!

    1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply. If you still haven’t watched this drama then I must say you have too watch it.The first episode may seem a little scary since you don’t really get much of the story, but after the second episode you’ll love it. But if you are looking for the normal Korean drama with love stories then “White Christmas” isn’t what you are looking for XD Still the idea of this saw was great, coming from the question “monsters are born of being raised” – about if criminals are being born with the killing ‘instinct’ or if they are being made to kill. But don’t worry it isn’t a scary show.

  4. elin hej · · Reply

    I did just end watching the drama bur didn’t understand who the person was. please help me??

  5. Is this drama scary? Im home alone and Im afraid to watch it..

    1. Some parts of the first episode may seem a little scary, but the other episodes aren’t

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